“I will show that I have value directly with the main role of the team”

“I want to do well in the role the team wants me to play.”

On November 17th, through a trade with KB Insurance, Kim Jeong-ho was able to wear the Samsung Fire & Marine uniform. To come back to the place where he made his professional debut.

Kim Jeong-ho, who recently had a phone call with this magazine, said, “It feels new to be playing for Samsung Fire & Marine again. At first, I was a rookie, but now I have accumulated a lot of years, so I am getting a lot of new and different feelings.”

Kim Jeong-ho, who has been active as Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance’s main outside heater since the second round, is responsible for the team’s new attacking path. He certainly showed a different attack power from the first round, but unfortunately, he could not win except for the second round match with KB Insurance.

Nevertheless, he took three valuable points through three five-set matches. Kim Jung-ho said, “There was definitely a chance, but it was regrettable that he couldn’t secure the victory. He confessed, “It’s always a pity that I didn’t get a chance when I went to the 5th set or when I went to close 20 points in the late 20s.” 안전놀이터

Not only did his on-court role change, but he also felt a greater sense of responsibility. Kim Jung-ho said, “I want to do well in the role the team wants from me. In addition to offense, we have to fill in the gaps in receiving and defense. I am preparing a lot,” he expressed his mindset.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance will have a Dodram 2022-2023 V-League Men’s Round 3 KEPCO match at Chungmu Gymnasium in Daejeon on the 20th. Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, which is currently on a seven-game losing streak, is in desperate need of a victory.

I want to show a different side of me as a new team. Kim Jung-ho said, “I want to show that I am valuable and that our team is developing by becoming the main axis of the team. I just want to be a big help to the team. I want to run hard so that I can show good performance.”

Finally, Kim Jung-ho said, “I am still in a losing streak, but there are always people who support me not only at the stadium but also at home. I’m sorry that I couldn’t show a lot of good performance. We will work harder so that we can show better performance in the future.”