If you have “this symptom”… it’s a “stop working out now” sign

Exercise is the key to controlling blood sugar. Regular exercise improves insulin resistance and stabilizes blood sugar. However, there are times when exercising can be dangerous.

Blood sugar spikes after exercise?
If you start exercising and your blood sugar spikes 50 to스포츠토토 100 percent more than it was before you started, it”s time to stop. This could be a sign that you”re exercising too much compared to what you”re eating, or that your insulin function has deteriorated. People with diabetes should exercise at a level that is appropriate for their diet and insulin resistance. If the intensity is too high, insulin secretion will decrease and blood sugar will increase. For the same reason, you shouldn”t exercise on an empty stomach.

If your blood sugar rises immediately after a workout, even if you”ve eaten the same amount of food as usual and the intensity of your workout hasn”t been too intense, it could be a sign that your insulin is not functioning properly. In this case, exercise becomes a “poison”. The first thing to do is to normalize blood sugar control with insulin therapy.

Don”t overdo it
If you”re experiencing recurring blood sugar spikes, even if you”ve controlled your pre-workout meal and intensity, it”s best to stop and consult your doctor.

Even if your blood sugar hasn”t changed significantly, it”s not recommended to exercise more than moderately if you have diabetes. If you’re out of breath and can’t talk to the person next to you, you shouldn’t do it. Continuing to exercise at a high intensity while your blood sugar is uncontrolled can lead to diabetic ketoacidosis, an emergency condition. Therefore, it”s best for people with diabetes to consult with their doctor about whether they can exercise and at what intensity, based on their blood sugar levels and the presence of complications.

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