Im Seong-jin’s heart is more excited than nervous before the June PO

KEPCO Lim Seong-jin is excitedly waiting for the semi-playoff.

The biggest concern at the end of the regular league in the 2022-2023 season was whether the men’s and women’s semi-playoffs would be held at the same time for the first time. However, in the women’s division, the semi-playoff was not made due to the last minute concentration of the Korea Expressway Corporation. Men’s was different. Woori Card did not win the match against Korean Air in the 6th round, and a semi-playoff between KEPCO and Woori Card took place온라인바카라.

KEPCO came in after closing the postseason. Even until the middle of the season, KEPCO’s spring volleyball seemed to be going away. Because they fell into a long 9-game losing streak. However, Gearco succeeded in rebounding.

KEPCO succeeded in winning points in 13 consecutive games in 2023. The result was 9 wins and 4 losses, but they succeeded in winning points by leading all 4 games to the 5th set, and using this as a stepping stone, they succeeded in rebounding.

And at the center was Lim Seong-jin. Lim Seong-jin led the KEPCO attack and made director Kwon Young-min laugh by showing a distance from the ‘timidity’ that followed him like a tag.

Lim Seong-jin, who participated as a KEPCO representative at the Dodram 2022-2023 V-League Postseason Media Day held at Nurikkum Square in Sangam, Seoul on the 20th, showed great expectations for the postseason. “It is my first time playing the postseason as a starting player, and I am very excited. Of course, I will be nervous, but I want to play quickly now.”

Before the match between Korean Air and Woori Card, Lim Seong-jin contacted his best friend Lim Dong-hyuk at Korean Air and told him to “win somehow.” Perhaps thanks to Lim Seong-jin’s earnest heart, Korean Air won against Woori Card after a full set and the semi-playoff was confirmed. Lim Seong-jin said, “All the team members watched the Korean Air and Woori Card matches. I really saw them holding hands. Korean Air wasn’t even our team, but we cheered hard. I was so grateful to Donghyuk and wanted to hug him,” he recalled.

The joy is also short-lived, but now it is Lim Seong-jin and KEPCO who have to bet everything on Woori Card and the semi-playoff. KEPCO recorded 3 wins and 3 losses with Woori Card in the 2022-2023 season. Lim Seong-jin chose to block Lieberman Agamez (registered name Agamez) and Na Gyeong-bok as strategies to win the Woori Card match. “I think Agamez and Gyeongbok will have to do well in defense and blocking. And since the serve of the two players is strong, we have to turn it at once,” he said, biting his lips.

It is Im Seong-jin who cannot finish in one game as it is a difficult postseason. “I don’t worry too much about the postseason. I just want to go to Incheon (championship match). I am excited and want to get into the game as soon as possible. I think it’s a good opportunity, so I want to enjoy it.”

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