“I’m sorry to the fans…I’m sorry to the backup players” 7-point replacement of the starting pitcher → giving up the game…Yeom Gal-ryang’s apology

SSG Landers Hanyu Island was surprised by the sand dune that hit the helmet.

Hanyu Island started as the designated hitter number 6 in the Doosan Bears match of the ‘2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League’ held at Jamsil Baseball Stadium on the 26th, and had to wipe out his surprised heart with a sand dune. In the top of the 5th inning, Hanyu Island stood at bat with a chance to load the bases with one out, and while fighting for a full count, Doosan pitcher Lee Byung-hun’s 6th pitch hit the shoulder with a 147km/h fastball. His helmet came off as the ball hit the area so close to his head, and everyone in the stadium gathered around him as Hanyu Island collapsed on the plate. The medical staff waiting at the stadium immediately ran with a stretcher.

What surprised me the most was pitcher Lee Byung-hun. There was no intention. Lee Byung-Hun threw 43 pitches in 1⅔ innings that day, and it was a day where he could not control his pitches enough to record 5 on 4 balls. Lee Byung-hun immediately approached Hanyu Island to check his condition, and when Hanyu Island got up and went into the dugout, he chased after him and apologized.메이저놀이터

Hanyu Island took care of juniors who would have been surprised without expressing emotions even in situations where they could be angry. Hanyu Island approached Lee Byung-hun, who was apologizing, and gave him a hug and gave him a signal that it was okay.

As soon as the situation was settled, Doosan changed the mound from Lee Byung-hun to Lee Young-ha. Lee Young-ha was still warming up in the bullpen to face the next hitter on Hanyu Island. Hanyu Island was also replaced with major runner Kim Kang-min.

The umpire held up a microphone and explained the situation, “Han Yu-seom was hit in the head after the ball hit his shoulder (head shot), so it was a pitcher replacement, not an ejection.”

Hanyu Island is currently watching his body for signs of abnormality. An SSG official said, “He was replaced for the purpose of protecting the player. After checking the player’s condition, he plans to go to the hospital.” For the first time this season, LG coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop revealed the reason why he replaced many of the starting players before the 5th inning and virtually gave up the game. He bowed his head, saying, “I’m most sorry to LG fans.”

On the 25th, LG lost 1-14 against Changwon NC. Starter Choi Won-tae collapsed with 3 runs in the 1st inning, 4 runs in the 3rd inning, and 4 runs in the 4th inning. He failed to attack the opponent’s starter Pedi and scored only one point. Director Yeom actually threw in the towel by replacing the five starters one after another in the fourth inning.

Prior to the game at Changwon NC Park on the 26th, coach Yeom mentioned the operation of the previous day, saying, “Yesterday was smashed…”. In the early flow he was forced to give up the game early, he said. Choi Won-tae was beaten from the first inning, and NC starter Pedi showed off a perfect pitch in the best condition in the beginning.

Manager Yeom said, “In a game like yesterday, there is only one thing that the manager does best. To get rid of the starter quickly. The manager has to make a decision anyway, but the fans are the most sorry. There will be some regrets not being able to see the players. I really feel sorry for the fans for that part.”

If it was a home game, it would have been a little different. Director Yeom expressed his regret to the fans, saying, “If it was a home game, I would have tried to lead the starting lineup until the 7th inning as much as possible.”

Regarding Peddy, coach Yeom said, “It was really good. That’s what the current performance (16 wins, 1.97 ERA) tells us. He is the pitcher with the best pitch in the current KBO league. That’s why he gave up in the 4th inning. If it was another pitcher, 0 I wouldn’t have given up even if it was -7. Seeing how our batters reacted, it seemed like we would just throw up to the 7th inning. , So I made a quick decision. If it wasn’t for Peddy, I would have changed Choi Won-tae quickly and tried to drag him somehow.”

As expected by manager Yeom, Peddy completely overpowered the LG lineup by only allowing 1 run and hitting 1 solo home run until the 7th inning.

Manager Yeom said, “I’m sorry to the fans, but it’s the manager’s operation that the team has to get what it can get, so even if you get a little scolded…I arrived at 3 a.m. I had to decide in the end,” he said.

He continued, “The next thing I’m sorry for is the backup players. I’m sorry for the backup players because I’m forgetting personal records for a difficult pitcher, so backup players go out and make sacrifices.”

LG Pitcher Choi Won-tae / OSEN DB

Choi Won-tae threw 93 pitches in 4 innings, although it was a pitch that would be an early steel plate.

Director Yeom said, “Yesterday’s ball was really bad. The speed didn’t even come out 4-5 km.” (Sluggishness) You have to find the reason by throwing it. Why was it bad today, I made them throw about 2 more innings to find the reason. Of course, there is overload in the middle, but above all, I need to get better for the next game, so I thought I was practicing now and played 2 innings I was told to throw it,” he explained.

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