increasingly mysterious… Munich, Tottenham and Kane deal ‘London’ booking → flight cancellation

Bayern Munich, which was scheduled to negotiate with Tottenham Hotspur over Harry Kane, suddenly canceled the flight to England.

On the 28th (Korean time), the influential German magazine ‘Bild’ raised questions through the headline, “What the hell is going on? The flight mystery of Bayern Munich’s top executives.”카지노사이트

The situation raised by ‘Built’ is as follows. First, the head of Munich, CEO Jan-Christian Dresen and Technical Director Marco Nepe, were scheduled to depart from Germany for London, England at 5:00 pm on the 28th, Korean time.

It is known that they are planning to meet with Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy directly in London, England to negotiate a deal with Tottenham about the signing of Harry Kane.

Kane, a world-class striker, is currently the target that Munich considers to be the number one striker recruiting target. Kane, one of the best strikers in the Premier League, scored 30 goals in the league alone while Tottenham finished the season in 8th place in the Premier League last season, showing his outstanding appearance.

Munich has already sent two offers to Tottenham, but both were rejected. Munich, which offered 70 million euros (about 99 billion won) as the first offer, but was rejected with a single knife, made a second offer that was raised to 80 million euros (about 114.5 billion won), but even this did not satisfy Tottenham.

When it was difficult to reach an agreement with Tottenham ahead of the start of the season, CEO Dresen decided to visit London, England, to negotiate. Originally planning to accompany the players on the Asian tour, CEO Dresen canceled the Asian schedule, revealing his desire to recruit Kane.

According to reports, CEO Dresen, along with director Nefe, visited London, England on Friday and had negotiations with Chairman Levy, and was scheduled to return to Germany immediately, but the scheduled flight was suddenly canceled, drawing attention.

‘Bild’ explained, “The Munich leadership was scheduled to fly to London, England from Oberppenhofen, Germany on the morning of Friday (28th) via private plane, and then take a flight back to Germany in the evening of the same day.”

At the same time, “strangely, the flight scheduled for the evening of the 27th was canceled,” and it was unknown whether Munich headed to England for Kane negotiations.

As a cause for this, the media speculated that some fans may be choosing to avoid attention as some fans are sharing the time the Munich side arrives in London in real time through a plane tracking site.

In fact, when a player is recruited, fans often infer the timing of the player’s visit to the club for medical tests and contract signing by figuring out the flight route.

In addition, Kane is a world-class striker, and since he is a player who is heating up the transfer market this summer, we cannot ignore the possibility that Munich may have changed the date of the move or negotiations to avoid crowds or attention.

Now, football fans around the world are paying attention to whether they can see Kane in a Munich uniform this summer. Munich is already desperately persuading Tottenham by revealing that it wants to officially sign Kane.

Tottenham has only one year left in the contract signed with Kane, but they are showing their will not to give up Kane easily by rejecting Munich’s two scout offers. Kane’s contract expires in June 2024, making him eligible as a free agent.

If you don’t do it, you can be in a situation where you have to send world class striker Kane to FA without receiving a penny of transfer fee, but Tottenham has no intention of allowing the transfer until a satisfactory offer comes.

It is known that the transfer fee Tottenham wants for Kane is around 100 million pounds (approximately 163.3 billion won). In response, Munich expressed disapproval, saying that the ransom for a 30-year-old striker with one year left on his contract was too expensive.

While Munich and Tottenham continued their tug-of-war, PSG (Paris Saint-Germain), the big hand in the transfer market, appeared and made Munich nervous, but Kane, the transfer party, was relieved as he was not interested in PSG transfer.

The British media ‘Guardian’ recently reported, “Kane does not want to join PSG. England national football team captain Kane wants to head to Munich if he can leave this summer.”

The 2023 summer transfer window closes on September 2nd. With about a month left until the end of the transfer market, attention is focusing on whether Munich can finally reach an agreement with Tottenham and embrace Kane.

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