Intensifying wrist and ankle pain, Lim Hee-jung, canceled the tournament for a month… “Focus on treatment and recovery” 

 Last year, Korean Women’s Golf (KLPGA) Tour DB Group Korea Women’s Open 토토사이트‘defending champion’ Lim Hee-jung (23, Doosan Construction) canceled all of her remaining tournament appearances in the first half of this year due to severe wrist and ankle pain. Her return match is expected to be the Jeju Samdasoo Masters, which will be held from August 3 to 6.

Lim Hee-jung withdrew from the second round of the DB Group Korea Women’s Open held at the Rainbow Hills Country Club in Eumseong-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do on the 16th due to severe ankle pain. For Lim Hee-jeong, who was aiming for her second consecutive victory by enduring with anti-inflammatory and painkillers, she cannot help but regret it.

Her agency, Prain Global Sportizen, told Lim Hee-jung about her health condition, saying, “Her wrist is in a condition where her pain is intensified due to degenerative arthritis. Her ankle suffered a ruptured anterior tibial ligament in January 2019, and the pain occurred again while going downhill during this match.” She went on to explain, “Until the Korean Women’s Open, she competed while taking anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers, and she also did physical therapy between matches, but in the end she chose to withdraw.”

Lim Hee-jung started with the ‘BC Card Hankyung Ladies Cup 2023’, which opens on the 23rd, ‘McCall Mona Yongpyong Open with SBS Golf’, ‘Daeyouwinia-MBN Women’s Open’, and ‘Ever Collagen The Siena Queen’s Crown 2023’. All remaining events in the first half of the year were canceled. She plans to focus on her treatment and recovery during this time. If she recovers quickly, her return match is expected to be at the Jeju Samdasoo Masters, which will be held on August 3-6. She just seems to have to wait and see how it goes.

Meanwhile, while “defending champion” Lim Hee-jeong withdrew midway, Madasom (24, Samcheon-ri), who has been in her second year of professional debut, recorded an interim total of 14 under par and 202 strokes in the third round, taking the top spot on the leaderboard. · Hite Jinro) came in 2nd place with a 2 stroke difference and is aiming for the championship.

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