Is it possible to record something like this? The two faces of former Cy Young Award winner and current colleague Ha-seong Kim

The pitcher who allows the most walks in the league has the lowest ERA in the league. It sounds contradictory, but one Cy Young Award-winning pitcher is doing just that.온라인바카라

The main character is Blake Snell (31), who is eating rice with Kim Ha-sung at the San Diego Padres. Snell started on the 26th (Korean time) against the Pittsburgh Pirates in the ‘2023 Major League Baseball’ held at Petco Park in San Diego, California, USA.

Snell showed outstanding pitching, befitting the team’s ace. With 2 hits, 5 walks, 4 strikeouts and 1 run in 6 innings, he laid the foundation for the team’s 5-1 victory and won 7 wins (8 losses) of the season.

After the game, ‘Optastat’, which provides professional sports analysis and in-depth data, mentioned Snell’s special record through SNS. “Snell lowered his ERA to the lowest in the league on that day, but at the same time allowed the most walks in the league. No pitcher since ERA became an official record in 1913 has recorded both the lowest ERA and most walks during a regular season,” he explained.

The reason Snell’s record is not readily available is simple. This is because a pitcher with a lot of walks has no choice but to send out a lot of runners, and the probability of conceding naturally increases. But Snell is different. He is blocking the opponent’s batting line without losing a lot of points with his unique crisis management ability. He’s out of place, but he’s throwing the cleanest pitches even when he allows a lot of on-base.

Snell is the ace of the team this year. As mentioned earlier, his downside is that he throws out a lot of runners, but he continues to pitch well with strong pitches. He is a part of the starting lineup with a 2.61 earned run average, 147 strikeouts, and a WHIP (on-base percentage per inning) of 1.25 in 21 games this season with 7 wins and 8 losses in 114 innings. It’s not as good as when he won the American League Cy Young Award with 21 wins, 5 losses, 180⅔ innings, and an average ERA of 1.89 as a member of the Tampa Bay Rays in 2018, but it’s still a powerful pitch.

On the other hand, Snell aims to acquire the second personal video based on his great success. If you get the Cy Young Award in the National League that San Diego belongs to, you will write a record of winning the Cy Young Award in both leagues.

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