‘Is this a professional team?’… The embarrassing mistake of ‘three times’ in one document, why PSG are angry at Chelsea

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) are furious with Chelsea.

PSG tried to loan Chelsea’s Hakim Ziyech in the transfer window last winter, but the loan was canceled due to Chelsea’s absurd mistake. Chelsea and PSG discussed renting Ziyech and found an agreement. It was a dramatic agreement reached an hour before the transfer window closed. Ziyech also passed the PSG medical test.

However, the documents Chelsea were supposed 메이저사이트 to send to PSG didn’t arrive on time. In the end, PSG couldn’t submit it to the league secretariat due to lack of documentation, and the winter transfer market was closed. In the end, Ziyech’s lease was canceled.

Media outlets such as Britain’s ‘Mirror’ reported that “Chelsea sent wrong documents three times to prevent PSG and Ziyech from signing.”

How could I send it wrong 3 times?

The American ‘ESPN’ revealed three mistakes based on comments from inside sources. It was all absurd. According to the media, the first mistake was a document marked with an error, and the second mistake was that the document was not signed. My last mistake was not timing it. By the time the third document arrived, the winter transfer window had already closed.

Angered by this, PSG proceeded with an appeal, but the French Professional Football Federation (LFP) ended and did not approve Ziyech’s loan.

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