“It’s nice to ride”… ‘Dad’s car end game king’ exploded in popularity in 4050

Hyundai Motor Company’s large sports utility vehicle ( SUV ) Palisade, which was partially changed and released after four years of last year, is posting unrivaled sales among SUVs in its class. As the SUV craze blew, it proved its popularity by ranking third in sales among all SUVs 먹튀검증.

According to the Kaizuyu Data Research Center on the 20th, the New Palisade, a partially modified model that has been released for a year, is selling an average of 4,000 units per month. The cumulative sales volume since May of last year, when the new car was released, is 44,251 units. It is an overwhelming number compared to the same class Kia Mojave (9485 units) and Chevrolet New Traverse (2157 units).

Palisade maintains high sales among all SUVs . From May of last year to April of this year, it came in third after Kia Sorento (69,432 units) and Sportage (60,558 units).

Looking at the gender and age of buyers, the percentage of people in their 40s and 50s who are likely to have children exceeded 60%, and the percentage of male purchases was 84.1%, much higher than that of females (15.9%). It proved the most popular among large SUVs in Korea , and also proved its value as a family car.

Ford Explorer/Photo = Ford Korea

Palisade is an atmosphere that is evaluated as a large SUV with good cost performance (price/performance) among consumers. As such evaluations are shared in online communities, etc., it seems to be driving the steady popularity of Palisade. One owner of the Palisade evaluated, “ It cannot be said that

all specifications are the best compared to competing SUVs , but it is a vehicle that can be sufficiently satisfied with a spacious interior and high marketability while being cheaper than imported SUVs .” Another netizen added about the Palisade, “The ride comfort is good, and above all, the low repair cost is an advantage.”

Palisade is the model with the highest sales among Hyundai SUVs after it was first launched in the domestic market in 2018. Last year, Palisade sold 49,737 units in Korea, surpassing Tucson, Santa Fe, and Casper to become the strongest among Hyundai SUVs . In particular , it led the craze for large SUVs

in Korea with its wide space and various convenience specifications . Ford’s large SUV Explorer peaked at 11,586 units sold annually in Korea in 2018, before the launch of the Palisade, but sales plummeted to 8,737 units in 2019, right after the launch of the Palisade.

One of the reasons for Palisade’s popularity is its price. The new Palisade is priced at 38.67 million won for the basic trim Exclusive and 50.69 million won for the calligraphy trim based on the gasoline 3.8 model. The diesel 2.2 model is 40.17 million won and 52.19 million won, respectively, based on the exclusive and calligraphy trim.

Compared to the basic trim of the same class Traverse, which starts at 55.67 million won and the Explorer, which starts at 63.1 million won, the basic trim price of the Palisade is about 17 to 25 million won cheaper. Even if you choose the Calligraphy, the upper trim of Palisade, it is cheaper than the basic trim of imported SUVs . The price of the calligraphy full option based on the Palisade gasoline model is about 60 million won, which is lower than the basic trim of the Ido Explorer.

An official from Kaiseu Data said, “Despite the price increase as the Palisade went through partial changes, 67.1% of Palisade buyers mostly chose the higher-grade Calligraphy.” We are choosing our options,” he added.

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