I’ve only deposited money into my account… but I’m getting money back 365 days a year.

There is a growing interest in “winged” financial products that allow you to deposit money into a bank account and have it “do the work” for you. You don’t need to create a separate account for each investment, but the securities company will automatically roll the money through various products and compound the money in the account every day.

A representative product is Merits Securities메이저놀이터‘ ‘Super 365’. With this brokerage account, you can invest in a variety of financial instruments, including domestic and international stocks, as well as funds and bonds.

Typically, to invest in a repurchase agreement (RP) interest product, you need to move funds from a securities account to a CMA RP account, or buy and sell RP products from time to time. However, the product automatically accrues interest on the standby funds in your account without you having to apply for it.

Rates are based on CMA RP accounts. The interest rate is based on the CMA RP account. If the pending funds are in dollars, they will earn 4.0% per annum, and if they are in Korean won, they will earn 3.15% per annum. For example, if you have 100 million won in the account for a week and are weighing the time to buy, you can earn 55,800 won in interest for seven days.

Graphic by Youngok Kim yesok@joongang.co.kr
Shinhan Investment & Securities has introduced a product aimed at minors who are unfamiliar with stock trading. It is ‘Shinhan My Junior Passbook (S-Lite),’ a securities account exclusively for minors, which was introduced on the 15th. The product, which was created in cooperation with Shinhan Bank and Shinhan Investment & Securities, allows for both deposit and withdrawal transactions and domestic and international stock trading.

Particularly eye-catching is the CMA (RP type) with automated trading. When a stock purchase is executed on the account, the RP is automatically sold. Conversely, when a stock sale is executed and the money from the stock sale is deposited, RPs are automatically bought on the same day.

There are also CMA accounts that allow you to invest your stock sale proceeds or balance directly into RPs and earn daily interest on your pending funds. You can move money in and out of the account as you please, just like a bank checking account, and still earn 3-5% per annum.

With stock market jitters, financial investment products that “take care of it” for you 24/7 are gaining traction. [Photo by Myriam Jessier on Unsplash].
NH Investment & Securities’ Cube (QV) CMA has an automatic investment feature. This is the so-called ‘auto money back’ feature. With this account, you can access most financial investment products such as stocks, bonds, equity-linked securities (ELS), domestic funds, RPs, certificates of deposit (CDs), commercial paper (CPs), overseas funds, and overseas securities.

Hanwha Investment & Securities’ Smart CMA also provides automated investment services. Customers can buy and sell stocks, bonds, and income securities, sign trust contracts, and subscribe to public offerings without having to make alternative withdrawals between accounts.

A securities industry insider said, “When the financial market is unstable, market funds that have nowhere else to go seek refuge, and finding a real investment source while earning interest from stock investments and RPs can be a smart way to manage money during unstable times.”

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