Jeonnam midfielder Jeong Ho-jin, “I want to have a really good year this year”

안전놀이터 jin Jeong Ho -jin, who was in charge of the midfield of the golden generation that achieved runner-up at the 2019 FIFA U-20 World Cup held in Poland four years ago, has an important season ahead in many ways. In the 2022 season, his team, the Jeonnam Dragons, had a rough year with poor results. It is a situation that needs to be reversed. The same goes for Jeong Ho-jin. In the first half of last year, I had to overcome difficulties together with Jeonnam, and in the second half, I moved to Suwon Samsung on loan, but I could not get many appearances and was in a cramped situation. 

After returning from a short outing for six months, Jung Ho-jin is fiercely digesting field training. As he holds in his heart both regret for himself and regret for the team he belongs to, the upcoming 2023 season showed his will to produce different results than last year. 

Q. Nice to meet you. Are the preparations for the new season going well?
“Last year, I went on loan to Suwon Samsung, but I didn’t get a satisfactory result. I kept looking for Jeonnam games in Suwon, and it seems that last season was a bit difficult. I put a lot of thought into this year. I joined the camp with the thought of doing really well, and everyone is in a good mood. The will to do it is strong, and the coach and coaching staff have firm thoughts, so I think it will be a good season if I prepare well. “

Q. When you transferred to Samsung on loan from Suwon, you must have suffered because the performance was not so good, but
“I heard a lot of questions like this. I still have no regrets about going to Suwon on loan. I learned a lot while playing for a team with a different color from Jeonnam. Of course, Suwon also had a difficult situation where they couldn’t win the game and went to the relegation stage, but I still learned what I lacked from my brothers in Suwon. I have no regrets because I learned a lot.”

Q. Speaking of Jeong Ho-jin, you cannot help but talk about the 2019 FIFA U-20 World Cup runner-up. Some of my friends are already being selected for the A national team. It seems that each of them cares about their growth and cannot help but compete. Moreover, at the time of the runner-up, Jung Ho-jin was the center.
“Among the friends I worked with, there were some who did well and some who didn’t. But those are the players, and I was able to shine thanks to my friends who were more capable than me at the time, so it’s just a good memory.”

“Of course, it’s regrettable, but I don’t have the idea that I have to go as fast as my successful friends. If it’s slow anyway, I want to keep up with my friends while steadily making up for what I lack. The important thing is that I don’t think I’ve been playing for the past three years, even though I’ve been slow. I knew what I was lacking in, and I think I was able to move forward because I knew that. I think the day will come when I can do it again with those friends.”

Q. This is the first winter training with Director Lee.
“I have heard a lot about your soccer philosophy since you were at Yongin University.

Q. This year is a season in which both Jeonnam and Jeong Ho-jin must do well. I think the determination to convey to the fans will be strengthened.
“Although this season is a very important season, I decided not to think of it as a burden. If I think it is a burden, I will just accept the burden and I will have a harder time. I think it will be a good season if I do my best in what I have to do. I think the soccer that coach Lee is pursuing is right for me, and I feel like I am growing because I am learning a lot during that time. I am sorry that I could not be with Jeonnam fans for six months last year, but I will do my best for the fans in a different way. I will do my best to run.”

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