Kane, who is ahead of Shearer based on 300G…’Challenge for the 1st place in career scoring’

Can Harry Kane surpass Alan Shearer?

Tottenham Hotspur won a 4-0 win over Crystal Palace in the 19th round of the EPL in the 2022-23 season held at Selhurst Park in London, England at 5 am (Korean time) on the 5th. With this victory, Tottenham maintained 5th place after winning three games. They are two points behind fourth-placed Manchester United.

The goal Kane scored in the third minute 토토사이트 of the second half had a big impact on the result. Tottenham, who had a disappointing performance in the first half, came back to life after Kane’s opening goal and completely led the flow. Matt Doherty and Son Heung-min scored additional goals for Tottenham to a 4-0 win. It was a sweeping victory in a long time.

Kane, who added two goals, reached 198 EPL goals. Kane, who started playing in earnest from the 2014-15 season, consistently scored close to 20 league goals every season. He only plays for Tottenham and is only in the EPL, so he has been able to steadily increase his career scoring ranking. Legends such as Michael Owen (150 goals), Thierry Henry (175 goals), Frank Lampard (177 goals), Sergio Aguero (184 goals) and Andy Cole (187 goals) are all below Kane.

Now Kane looks to the highest point. Kane, who is third in the career scoring ranking, has a 10-goal gap with Wayne Rooney (208 goals), who is second. Considering that Kane doesn’t transfer to another league, it looks like he can get over it. The key is Alan Shearer. Shearer scored 260 goals in 441 games. There is also a 52-goal gap with Rooney. Numerous strikers have tried, but they all failed and are expected to remain as an immortal record.

This is Kane who challenges the record of immortality. Among the active players, there is no 안전놀이터 player with as many EPL career goals as Kane, so the opportunity is only for Kane as of the current point of time. There is a positive record. This match against Palace was Kane’s 300th EPL game, and he scored 198 goals. For the same number of games, Shearer scored 196 goals. Kane had more than Shearer.

If the current trend continues, the probability of reversal increases. If she surpasses Shearer, who is said to have an immortal record, Kane will now become a striker representing English football history.