‘KB Transfer’ Kim Ye-jin, “I will grow not only in defense but also in attack”

Kim Ye-jin, who obtained FA status for the first time after her professional debut, chose a new team. Now, I am Kim Ye-jin of KB메이저사이트.

After graduating from Chuncheon Girls’ High School, Kim Ye-jin, who joined Hana One Q in the 16th place in the 3rd round at the 2016 WKBL New Player Selection, has played in a total of 107 games for 8 years. She was recognized for being used as a forward who could open up a way out from the outside, but she could not play consistently due to frequent injuries.

However, last season, he increased his playing time with active defense and ranked first in this category with 1.86 steals. After she obtained FA status, she chose a new challenge rather than staying in the team and decided to move to KB. The condition of her contract is a total annual salary of 80 million won, and the contract period is 3 years.

Kim Ye-jin expressed her feelings after signing the contract, “Thank you to Hana 1Q for helping me to grow as a pro and to KB for taking good care of me. I have many shortcomings, but I am really grateful that they saw my strengths and invited me.”

The decisive reason Kim Ye-jin, who received offers from multiple clubs, chose KB was coach Kim Wan-soo.

He said, “I had many difficulties a few years ago, and I seriously thought about retiring. At that time, the coach was Kim Wan-soo, who caught me from shaking and allowed me to focus on sports again. I continued to play basketball, received awards, and even qualified as an FA. I was able to get it because the director caught me at that time,” he said.

In KB, there are Yum Yoon-ah and Kang I-seul, who were friends with Kim Ye-jin during Hana 1 Q. Did this also affect your choice?

Kim Ye-jin laughed, saying, “Honestly, it’s true that I’m close to the unnies, but that’s why I thought about whether I should join a different team.

However, “I wanted to become a player who develops further through the transfer. KB is a team aiming for the championship, and it may be more difficult to compete to participate than before, but I thought that I could become a better player through that process. First of all, the team’s I believe that opportunities will come if I do my part while helping the main players.”

She also expressed her will to grow more confidently than before through the transfer.

He said, “The defense has strengths, but next season, the offensive part will also grow and go on the court. Also, there will be many people who think that KB has good power, so I won’t have many opportunities, but I prepared well and showed good results. I also have the determination to show how much I can play a role in the future,” he said.

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