KGC foreigner ‘Spellman Monroe’ simultaneous sortie… Possible ‘Trio Post’ with Oh Se-geun

“When I go in, you have to go outside to create space.”

A combination of two foreign players from Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation, a professional basketball team, prepares for a sortie.메이저사이트

It is 11:00 am on the 28th at a basketball gym in Utsunomiya, Japan. Darryl Monroe, a foreign player of Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation, the ‘Leader’ of Korean professional basketball, caught Omari Spellman who had dug inside and pushed a pass. Upon receiving the ball, Spellman jumped up and made an exciting dunk shot. Those who went directly to the opposite court changed their roles this time. Spellman on the outskirts delivered a space pass to Monroe, who penetrated under the goalpost, and Monroe easily put up a layup.

Spellman and Monroe stood side by side on the court. This is the first time they have been practicing tactics together. During training, the two players constantly talked and communicated. The topic of conversation is mainly ‘Spacing (space creation)’. It was difficult because it was their first time working together, but the more they practiced, the more organically the movements of the two players changed. Throughout the day’s training, Monroe and Spellman were together. Ginseng Corporation set out to conquer East Asia. Ginseng Corporation will launch two foreign duos, ‘Spellman Monroe’, in the 2023 East Asian Super League (EASL), which will be held from the 1st of next month.

In this competition, teams representing each league, including Japan, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, including Ginseng Corporation and last year’s ‘champion’ SK, will participate. The tournament will be held in Utsunomiya and Okinawa, Japan. Ginseng Corporation will play its first game against Pubon Braves (Taiwan) in Utsunomiya on the 1st of next month, and will go to Okinawa to face San Miguel Beerman (Philippines) on the 4th.

Unlike KBL, this tournament allows two foreign players to participate at the same time. In KBL, only one foreign player is allowed to participate during the game. In EASL, more tactical changes can be made. You can also adjust the playing time between players. Ginseng Corporation plans to put Spellman and Monroe in the main lineup.

It’s the first time they’ve teamed up, but there’s nothing wrong with it. Monroe is a veteran with a lot of experience, and his ability to understand the game and his passing sense are excellent. It is analyzed that Spellman has destructive power that does not cover both inside and outside, so they can become ‘fantastic best friends’.

Director Kim Sang-sik of Ginseng Corporation said, “Both players play well, both inside and outside. Monroe has excellent passing skills and has a good understanding of tactics. After Spellman puts a screen on and continues pattern play, the inside and outside will be harmonious.” Explained. Coach Kim then laughed, “More than anything else, I’m looking forward to the two players. I was excited to run together. So, I will push them as hard as I can, so I told them to do whatever they want while running.”

Spellman said, “Monroe is a good leader and player. He has a different perspective than other players. I think it will be a very fun game.”

If the team’s veteran big man Oh Se-geun goes out on the court together, a ‘three (蔘) trio’ can emerge. Spellman-Monroe-Oh Se-geun’s ‘Triple Post’. It can be a risky tactic that slows down in an era where small lineups are the trend, so it is expected to be used irregularly depending on the situation. Coach Kim said, “I looked at the situation during the game and was ‘experimental’.

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