Kim Eui-gyeom “Ministry of Justice public system private use” Han Dong-hoon “Another lie”

When Democratic Party lawmaker Kim Eui-gyeom criticized Minister of Justice Han Dong-hoon on the 19th, saying, “I announced my personal opinion through the Ministry of Justice text message notification system operated with the national budget,” Minister Han refuted카지노사이트, saying, “There is no such system itself.”

Minister Han Dong-hoon said the previous day (18th) when Democratic Party Supreme Council Member Park Chan-dae insisted that “Minister Han Dong-hoon opposed the disclosure of virtual assets of public officials,” he said, “Is it fake news that Rep. Park Chan-dae instead of Congressman Kim Eui-gyeom decided to take charge of fake news from the Democratic Party? He has issued a statement saying,

Rep. Kim Eui-gyeom resigned from the spokesperson position in March last year after being embroiled in several false briefing controversies after serving as the spokesman for the Democratic Party under the leadership of Lee Jae-myung in September last year.

On the 19th, Rep. Kim Eui-gyeom said on his Facebook page, “What would the Minister of Justice of a country say?” “Why are you bringing me into this issue? No matter how much I hate it, this is not it.”

Rep. Kim Eui-gyeom said, “No, apart from everything, Minister Han sent these contents through the ‘Ministry of Justice text message notification system'” .

At the same time, he said, “The Ministry of Justice’s public system is also used privately, but is there a guarantee that the prosecution’s investigation will not be used for political gain?”

Minister Han Dong-hoon said in an additional statement on the same day, “Rep. Kim Eui-gyeom lied again that Minister Han Dong-hoon made a position through the’Ministry of Justice text message notification system’ operated by the’national budget’.” It doesn’t even exist at all, and I conveyed my position to the reporters directly on my personal cell phone without even going through the Ministry of Justice spokesperson’s office. Of course, no state budget was spent on this.”

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