Kim Hae-ran, who showed ‘Mom Power’… “It wasn’t easy to challenge…” 

 “I want the players to try it once.”

Kim Hae-ran played as a libertine in the Incheon Pepper Savings Bank match on the 10th and was a guardian deity protecting the court of Heungkuk Life Insurance. He played an active role with a receiving efficiency of 73.68%, contributing to the team’s set score 3-1 victory. 메이저사이트

In this game, Kim Hae-ran’s defense was decisive. In the third set leading 24-23, Pepper Savings Bank Nia Reed’s spike was defended with a dig. Niah Reid’s attack fell and he saved the ball again with Digg. Two Hosobi helped to win the third set.

Kim Hae-ran, who recalled the 3rd set, laughed and said, “I didn’t want to go to the 5th set. I reached out and it seems to have gone well.”

Kim Hae-ran, who gave birth to his son in December 2020, returned to the V-League last season. He returned to his court less than a year after giving birth and was not feeling well, but he said he was healthy all season.

Kim Hae-ran said, “I had a bad knee because I was overworked after giving birth. This time, I rehabilitated systematically and there is no problem in running the game. It was not easy to try to return to active duty after giving birth. But I want the players to try it once.” said.

Kim Yeon-kyung, who saw Kim Hae-ran doing both childcare and athlete life, said, “(Kim Hae-ran) sister is amazing. I bring my son on a day off and play with him, but it’s not easy while doing childcare and my main job.” It seems to show,” he said.

In Heungkuk Life Insurance, Kim Hae-ran is his eldest sister and the core of the defense.

Coach Kwon praised (Kim) Haeran, saying, “There is no limit to praise for (Kim) Haeran. He has a knee injury, but he participates in training and is helpful in important matches.” did.

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