Korea Football Association resigns from ‘snatch skit’, vice-presidents and board members

 All executives of the Korea Football Association, which staged a skit to pardon a total of 100 soccer players, including those involved in match-fixing, resigned.

On the 28th of last month, the Korea Football Association executed a pardon for snatching disciplinary soccer players (a total of 100 players, including 48 match-fixers)온라인바카라, right before the evaluation match against Uruguay was held.

On March 31, three days later, Chairman Chung Mong-gyu convened a board meeting again and announced an apology with the withdrawal of the pardon. If Lee Young-pyo, Lee Dong-guk, and Cho Won-hee, the three vice presidents of former star players, step down, they are responsible for cutting their tails.

In the end, the Korea Football Association made a decision.

The Korea Football Association announced that the association’s vice-presidents and all board members expressed their intention to resign en masse this afternoon (4th). The Korea Football Association added that they plan to submit an official letter of resignation soon. If an executive appointed according to the association’s articles of association submits a resignation letter, it is regarded as resigning regardless of acceptance.

Park Kyung-hoon, executive director of the Korea Football Association, said, “As the executive director in charge of the association’s practical administration, I felt deeply responsible for the current situation and deeply reflected. He mentioned that a number of directors expressed their intention to resign since the temporary board meeting last Friday,” and “We reaffirmed that both the vice chairman and the directors feel great responsibility and regret for this disciplinary pardon, and all resigned today. agreed,” he said.

The Korea Football Association said, “The decision was made to resign the board members en masse, but we plan to come up with measures as soon as possible to prevent an administrative vacuum from occurring.

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