Korea’s ‘top 1%’ rich… 210,000 households with net worth of 2.9 billion won

It was found that the richest 1% in Korea have a메이저사이트 net worth of over 2.9 billion won.

If you listen to the explanation of the insurance industry such as Hanwha Life on the 20th, as of 2021, the top 0.1% of net assets were found to have more than 7.68 billion won and the top 1% to have more than 2.92 billion won. The top 5% of net assets had more than 1.335 billion won, and the top 10% had more than 900 million won. Net worth is the amount of money you have, such as your house, car, cash, etc.

A total of 209,000 households belonged to the top 1%. The average number of household members is 2.8, which is estimated to be 586,000 people. The average annual income of the top 1% households was 215.71 million won, 3.5 times higher than the average annual income of ordinary households of 61.25 million won. The minimum cost of living for these households was 3.59 million won per month, and the appropriate living cost was 5.22 million won per month.

The average age of heads of households in the top 1% is 63.5 years old, and 72% of them live in the metropolitan area. Most of the top 1% households, 88.5%, lived in their own homes, 7.7% rented on a jeonse basis, and 3.8% rented a monthly rent. The average retirement age of these households was 70.7 years old, which was later than the average age of all households (68.2 years old).

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