Learn How To Earn Thousands Of Pounds From Match Betting With No Risk cash guarantee

Say Man United are playing against Aston Villa in a football match. Odds for Man United to win The odds (when expressed as decimal odds) are 2.25 (or 5/4 in fractions). The odds for Aston Villa to win are 4 (or 3/1). The odds for a draw are 3 (or 2/1).
If you place Aston Villa to win and you are willing to do this with an amount of £10, you are basically offering £10 for someone to bet Aston Villa to win. Gamblers can place bets.
when you place a bet You are betting on the event. So in this example You are betting on Aston Villa to win the match, if Aston Villa lose or draw, you have succeeded. Only if they win you already lost money

You can place any bet at an online exchange. The most popular of these are Betfair and Mansion. We will discuss these in more detail later in the article.
Say Aston Villa to win you pay £40 (wagering £10, then winning £30 – wagering £10). £4 x Odds 4 = £40)
However, if Aston Villa doesn’t win – they lose or draw. You get £10 which is the gambler’s money.

Another example:

Said Arsenal were playing against Tottenham Hotspur in a football match. Odds for Arsenal to win Odds (when expressed as decimal odds) are 3 (or 2/1) odds for Tottenham. Hotspur to win is 4 (or 3/1). Odds for a draw are 2.25 (or 5/4)
. And you thought Arsenal didn’t win. You just let them win. Let’s say you bet £40 on odds of 3. This means that if Arsenal don’t win i.e. they lose or draw. You get £40
if Arsenal wins. You have to pay for the bet – £120 (wagered £40 then £80 won – wagered £40 x 3 = £120)


Now you might be thinking that this sounds like another form of gambling. and to be honest it is But there is a way to use it to guarantee profits with a little help from online bookmakers.
Often when you use an online bookmaker They will offer you some form of registration bonus, for example when you register and bet £30 they will give you £30 free bet
. match
When you match bets You will cover both sides of the bet.
Imagine that you are placing a bet as mentioned earlier in this article. Then you place the same bet. But this time you bet as usual. By placing a certain amount of bets on odds at the bookmaker. If you win bets with the bookmaker You will receive a payout for that bet, but you will also have to “pay” for your bet. This is where the two results intersect. It means you haven’t lost anything. (but also nothing) However, if you have to use free bets or bonus money. You will make a profit whether you bet or wager.

It is important to point out at this point that when placing bets, It is important to try to place bets that are as close as possible to the real odds offered by the bookmaker. In order to have as little losses as possible when betting. Also, if you can find odds at the exchange market that are lower than the odds at the bookmaker. You will be guaranteed profits.

Example of a match bet using your own money:

Assuming Chelsea’s chances of winning the Premiership are 3 or 2/1, this is their chance of beating the bookmakers. In exchange for Chelsea who won the Premiership The odds are the same. 3.
If you place a £10 bet on Chelsea to win the Premiership at a bookmaker. Then place a £10 bet at the exchange market. Both results cancel each other out.
If Chelsea win the Premiership you will receive £30 from the bookmaker (£20 profit and £10 stake returned with the winnings) when placing a bet on the exchange. You will have to pay 30 pounds (10 pounds of them. stake and £20 winnings from the bet) so you will have a profit of £20 at the bookmaker and a loss of £20 at the exchange market. This means that you come back to table 1 and make no gains or losses.
Confirm that if Chelsea does not win the Premiership You will lose £10 bet at the bookmaker but you will win £10 at the exchange market. and cancel each other again
All of this is absolutely pointless. unless you use free bets

Example of match bets using your own money and free bets:

We will use the same scenario as before to make things easier.
The chances of Chelsea winning the Premiership are 3 or 2/1, this is their chance of beating the bookmakers. In exchange for Chelsea who won the Premiership The odds are the same. 3. You use your £10 free
on Chelsea to win a Premiership match at the bookmakers. Then place a £10 bet (your own money) at the exchange. No matter what happens, you will make a profit. 메이저놀이터

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