Lee Dong-geun, a freshman at Korea University, has a simple dream, a player the team needs

 “I want to do my best in my current role, receive many opportunities, receive the coach’s trust, and become the player the team needs.”

Korea University is refining its organizational skills through practice matches in Geoje, Gyeongsangnam-do. Korea University coach Hee-Jung Joo announced that he would play forward basketball. At the center is freshman Lee Dong-geun (199cm, F).

Lee Dong-geun, whom I met in Geoje City on the 22nd, said, “When I first did winter training, I did physical exercise to increase my stamina, and as the season approaches, I focus on practice games and keep my hands and feet in sync.” “In high school, I played a lot with the ball. . There is movement in attack, but it is difficult to adapt to it, and in high school, I was the tallest, so I helped defend players who hit and came in from under the goal, but now I am not the tallest, so I have to defend the perimeter and block small players, so there is difficulty there.” .

Lee Dong-geun, who was matched up with a much smaller guard in high school and practice games, said, “(In high school) I only defended under the goal, so the outer defense is less. I get scolded by the director and coach. I learn little by little as I try.” When playing backdoor, I don’t know how to defend, and I miss the swinging player and give him a chance to shoot.”

One of the difficulties that a player who used to play under the goal faces in the process of coming out is the step. He says that the steps he uses when defending the bottom of the goal and when defending from the outside are completely different, so it is difficult.스포츠토토

Lee Dong-geun said, “It’s been a while since I started playing basketball (2021), so everything is difficult (laughs). It is difficult because the big man and the outer defense are completely different than the steps.”

When asked why he entered Korea University, Lee Dong-geun said, “I thought a lot from the time I applied, until I joined the team after being accepted. If you go somewhere else, you will be able to play basketball more comfortably, and you will be given opportunities.” I chose Korea University because I wanted to go pro after learning while bumping into here.”

Among Lee Dong-geun’s admission motives, Yoo Min-soo and Yoon Ki-chan are also present, so Korea University can play forward basketball.

Lee Dong-geun said, “Yu Min-soo makes good use of his very good physical condition and throws a shot from the outside, which is not bad. Yoon Ki-chan also has a good basketball sense, and I knew he was good at shooting even in high school, but looking at him here, his shooting is better.”

Lee Dong-geun, who is about to make his debut on the college stage, said, “I have to learn a lot because I still lack a lot. I want to do my best in my current role, receive a lot of opportunities, receive the coach’s trust, and become a player needed by the team.” ” I hoped.

Although it is a practice game, he is being heavily used even though he is a freshman, and he is already a necessary player for the team just because he is at the center of forward basketball that Korea University will play.

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