Like MLB, the KBO league will introduce pitch clock and match-up next year

The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) pulled out a knife to strengthen the international competitiveness of Korean baseball. The full-time national team coach system will be revived after two years, and the pitch clock and overtime game system will be introduced to the professional baseball KBO league from next year.

The KBO Secretariat announced the KBO League Team Korea Level Up Project on the 20th. After failing in the first round of the World Baseball Classic (WBC) last March, he formed a task force to establish and put forward a long-term strategic direction for Korean baseball. Four directions were proposed for the project: improving the national team’s power, improving the game system, nurturing prospects and leaders, and expanding the base of baseball.바카라사이트

The most notable thing is that the full-time manager card was revived after two years. The KBO operated a full-time supervisor system until the Tokyo Olympics held in 2021, but changed it to a method in which an active professional team manager concurrently serves according to the opinion that “the field and practical sense are needed.” However, when kt coach Lee Kang-cheol took charge of the WBC national team and produced poor results, the need for a full-time coach system came to the fore again. KBO said, “We decided to operate a full-time supervisor system until the WBC in 2026 to establish a long-term and consistent direction for the national team.”

In addition, the pitch clock, which measures pitch intervals between pitchers, and an overtime match-up in which, if the game is not decided within the 9th inning, an attack is decided by placing a runner on base from the 10th inning, will be introduced into the KBO League next year. The pitch clock and overtime game are also popular in the major leagues of American professional baseball, which shortens game time and enables more thrilling games.

Pitch Clock will install operating equipment in all stadiums in the Futures (2nd Division) League and KBO League in the second half of this year. In addition, it plans to introduce new systems that the Major League Secretariat introduced this year, such as increasing the base size and limiting defensive shifts, to Korea soon. The introduction of an automatic ball-strike judgment system to strengthen league fairness is also reviewed.

From next year, the KBO is pushing for prospects to participate in the major league education league, and is also promoting a plan to form and send a Sangmu baseball team and a KBO league combined team to the Australian Professional Baseball League in the first and second half. The KBO said, “We plan to continue to make efforts to strengthen the internal stability so that Korean baseball can continue to develop and to be competitive on the international stage.”

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