Moon Dong-ju, a ‘future asset’ to be used sparingly, rotation award twice this week, no need to overdo it

Everyone watches with their eyes wide open.

Moon Dong-ju (20)토스카지노, the “Future” of the Hanwha Eagles, will make his third start this season against the Doosan Bears on the 18th. This is a team that gave up 8 runs after hitting 3 homers in 2 games and 4 innings last year.

Expectations are high because he pitched so impactfully in the previous two games. On the 6th, against the Samsung Lions, he recorded 5 innings, 1 hit and no run. He lifted a team that had been on a three-game losing streak since the opening game.

On the 12th, after taking a break for 5 days, against the KIA Tigers, he allowed 3 hits and 2 runs in 6 innings. He made his first quality start as a pro (6 or more innings in a start and no more than 3 earned runs). On this day, he threw a light speed ball at 160.1 km/h in the first inning. He was the first Korean player to break the 160km barrier and reveal the ‘future’ of Korean baseball.

The second year as a pro, this year is actually the start of the pro. Last year, due to two injuries, he only pitched 13 games and 28⅔ innings. The number of innings is small, so this year’s Rookie of the Year qualification is maintained.

As for the starting rotation, it is scheduled to start on the 18th, rest 4 days, and play on the 23rd. Hanwha is scheduled to play 3 consecutive matches against Doosan during the week and 3 consecutive matches against the LG Twins on the weekend in Daejeon.

However, it is a schedule that applies to veterans with abundant selection experience. Depending on the game situation on the 18th, the appearance may be adjusted, but it seems difficult to start twice a week.

Following last year, Hanwha is carefully managing Moon Dong-ju at the team level. The day after the climbing game, check your physical condition and look at the recovery speed. Moon Dong-joo said, “I think I checked with more care than last year. There were no problems after the previous two games.”

On the 6th, he threw 70 balls against Samsung, and on the 12th, against KIA, he raised 92 balls. He took the steps effortlessly.

Still, climbing after a four-day break could be an unreasonable schedule. This is my first full-time season as a starting pitcher, so I’ve never had a schedule like this before. It can be a burden, but there is no reason to follow the rotation mechanically. Moon Dong-joo is a precious ‘asset’ to be nurtured with care.

There is a case of Nam Ji-min (22) earlier.

Nam Ji-min, a fourth-year high school graduate, made his first start of the season against the KIA Tigers in Gwangju on the 11th and played a brilliant reverse with 3 hits and no runs in 5 innings. As a substitute starter for foreign pitcher Birch Smith, who was missing due to injury, he had a “life fight” in a head-to-head match with “great pitcher” Yang Hyeon-jong.

But just 5 days later he faced the worst. In the match against KT Wiz in Suwon on the 16th, he was beaten with 1 out count and 7 runs. It was an incredible result. A pitcher who threw 55 pitches on the 11th threw 44 in ⅓ innings and came down. Even though the number of pitches was adjusted at the beginning of the week, the results were not good.

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