‘Moonlight’ brightens the dark future of Korea Expressway Corporation 

51 receive attempts, 26 dig attempts, 14 set attempts, 14 open attack attempts, 18 serve. This is Moon Jeong-won’s record in the 4th game of the championship match. It is no different from a medal that proves his fighting spirit and dedication.

‘Moonlight’ Jeong-won Moon is a franchise star who has been active as a key member of Korea Expressway Corporation for the 12th season since joining Korea Expressway Corporation through the 2011-2012 season rookie draft. Moon Jung-won, who plays a special position called ‘receiving apositive’ based on strong serve from his unique routine and stable defense, is an unrivaled player who is difficult to compare, even if he is not the best player in the V-League메이저놀이터.

Even this season, Moon Jeong-won was an indispensable presence for Korea Expressway Corporation. He made good use of his strengths by ranking 2nd in regular season receiving (56.94%, 1st place Im Myung-ok 59.85%) and 14th in serve (0.133 points per set). However, in the most important stage, the championship match, Moon Jeong-won showed an uneasy start. In the first game, the receiving efficiency was only 28.57%, and the team failed to prevent defeat.

After the Korea Expressway Corporation, which had been cornered by giving up both the first and second games, succeeded in counterattacking in the third game, Moon Jeong-won proved his worth once again in the fourth game. He performed at a high level in both receiving and defense, his most important areas. Moon Jeong-won tried to receive a total of 51 times on the day (1st place overall, 2nd place Kim Mi-yeon 37 times) and recorded an efficiency of 41.34%, and Digg also tried 26 times (tied for first place overall with Lee Yoon-jung in the dig attempt) and succeeded 23 times. made it On this day, the Korea Expressway Corporation did an excellent job of laying the first button for an effective counterattack, which was the biggest factor in victory.

Moon Jeong-won’s sense of stability shined even more in the 4th set, which confirmed the victory of the match and the most dramatic come-from-behind victory by Korea Expressway Corporation. The receiving efficiency was 64.29%, which was much higher than the previous sets, and he also succeeded in 7 digs. In particular, the scene that contributed to the 22-22 tie by digging both Yelena and Kim Yeon-kyung’s attacks in 21-22 was the highlight.

Moon Jeong-won’s trademark serve also played a decisive role in Korea Expressway Corporation’s 4th set victory. Moon Jeong-won, who scored 1 serve while hitting 18 serves, the most in the game, served 4 consecutive serves from 19-22 to 22-22 in the 4th set, preparing the beginning of the band electrode.

It wasn’t just this. In the meantime, Moon Jeong-won’s attack did not stand out over Park Jung-ah, Catherine Bell (registered name Catbell), and Bae Yu-na, but it was reborn as a good option on this day. She scored 8 points on offense and had a 36.36% offensive success rate. It was a figure that exceeded her own season average attack success rate (34.88%). She struggled with the high blocking wall built by Kim Yeon-kyung and Yelena Mrazenovich (registered name Yelena), and her attack efficiency was low, but she often showed scenes of breaking through with skill and speed. A typical scene in which she scored consecutively by going left and right in the second set 9-9.

As mentioned above, Moon Jeong-won is an absolutely necessary player for Korea Expressway Corporation. However, he is not the team’s main gun, so it is not common for him to score many goals. He also receives too many times, so he has to make more receiving mistakes in the clutch than other players. Some people underestimate Moon Jeong-won for these reasons. However, the value of Moon Jeong-won is not damaged by not being flashy or by making mistakes from time to time. He is always a strong supporter of Korea Expressway Corporation and a valuable franchise star.

Until he gave up both the first and second games, he did not see a single ray of light in the future of Korea Expressway Corporation. Even after winning Game 3, their future still didn’t look very bright. However, Moon Jeong-won’s quiet but all-round performance brightened the way for Korea Expressway Corporation, and now they seized the opportunity to win a big match that could go down in the history of the V-League. Can the brightly shining ‘Moonlight’ lead Korea Expressway Corporation to the path to a miracle? We look forward to Moon Jeong-won’s performance at Samsan Gymnasium in Incheon on the 6th.

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