Mr. and Mrs. Yoon “Had and lost a child, adopted a stray dog…Don’t buy, adopt”

President Yoon Seok-yeol and his wife, Mrs. Kim Gun-hee, opened up about their daily life with stray dogs at their Hannam-dong official residence on Monday, and how they came to adopt them. They revealed that the pain of a miscarriage in the past led them to adopt a stray dog메이저놀이터.

The couple appeared on SBS’s Animal Farm on the same day. Sae-Rom, who retired as a guide dog for the blind and became the 11th “First Dog” on Dec. 24 last year, also appeared.

President Yoon introduced, “This is Sae-Rom’s dad, Marie Sunny’s dad, and Toria’s dad, Yoon Seok-Yeol.” Mrs. Kim introduced, “I’m their mother, Kim Gun-hee,” and shared her daily life with stray dogs and her story of adopting a stray dog.

“When I was a candidate, I went to the Yongin Guide Dog School and said, ‘If I am elected and get a residence with a yard, I would like to have a retirement guide dog,'” President Yoon said, “and I adopted him into my family on Christmas Day last year.”

“Sarom likes him a lot better,” Kim said. All the dogs and cats in the house like him a lot more,” Kim said. President Yoon then added, “She (Mrs. Kim) usually tries to train him, and when she gives him treats, she trains him, and then he runs to me. It’s just different.”

Yoon and Kim also revealed how they came to adopt a stray dog. “I don’t know, not for any particular reason,” Yoon said, and Mrs. Kim took over, saying, “I should tell you about that.”

“We had a child and then we lost a child,” Kim said, adding, “He was having a very hard time psychologically, and I kept adopting stray dogs, and he loved them so much. He loves them so much, and when he comes home, he forgets the pain for a while because he thinks about feeding them,” Kim said.

“Actually, they were all temporary care, but after a day, the dad said, ‘I have to keep them,’ so he wants to bring them all back,” he said, adding, “That’s why the number keeps growing.”

“There are many puppies that serve special purposes, and since they serve the country and society, it is right that the country and society should pay for a certain part of their medical treatment,” Yoon said. When asked if it could become a policy within his term, he said, “I will try.”

“Don’t buy, adopt,” the Yuns said in unison.

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