Munich finally recruits Kane… ‘166.6 billion’ Tottenham demanded transfer fee → negotiations ‘new phase’

Bayern Munich, which is seeking to sign Harry Kane (Tottenham Hotspur), has finally offered an amount exceeding 100 million pounds (approximately 166.6 billion won).

England’s The Sun said on the 5th (Korean time), “With Kane expecting his future to be decided this weekend, Munich offered Tottenham a transfer fee of 86 million pounds (about 144.3 billion won).” “We hope this will be resolved by the weekend. Including an additional option of £17m (approximately KRW 28.3 billion), Munich’s proposed transfer fee exceeds £100m,” it was reported.안전놀이터

Floriand Plettenberg, who belongs to Sky Sports Germany and is in charge of Munich news, also said through social media, “Munich sent a new proposal for Kane. The transfer fee exceeds 100 million euros (approximately 143.9 billion won) including various bonuses.” “Munich officials are waiting for an answer within a few hours,” he said, explaining that Munich had started signing Kane under the increased conditions.

Kane made the football world hot with rumors of a transfer to Munich this summer, but he has not made any progress yet. This is because Tottenham wants at least £100 million (about 167 billion won), and Munich’s last three offers have fallen short of the amount Tottenham are asking for.

Kane’s contract with Tottenham expires next summer. Kane is free to negotiate with other clubs from January next year, and when his contract expires, he can leave Tottenham without a transfer fee. For Tottenham, this summer is the last time to sell for a transfer fee.

Normally, the transfer fee will be lowered with one year left until the contract expires, but Tottenham was different. It was impossible to sell Kane, who has a high proportion of the team, at a bargain price, and he has maintained his position that he will not even negotiate unless it is at least £ 100 million.

So far, Munich’s offer has fallen well short of £100m. The first proposal was only 70 million euros (approximately 100.7 billion won), and the second proposal also stayed at the level of 80 million pounds (approximately 133.3 billion won). It was a far short amount to convince Tottenham.

Munich proceeded with the recruitment of Kane in various ways. There were also reports that director Thomas Tuchel flew to London, England, and had secret meetings with Kane. It is known that this meeting solidified Kane’s decision to transfer to Munich.

Kane, who started playing in Tottenham’s first team in 2013, has only finished runner-up four times so far. He finished runners-up in both League Cups (2014/15 and 2020/21 seasons), and reached the UEFA Champions League final in the 2018/19 season, but lost to Liverpool. In the 2016/17 season, they finished second in the Premier League.

Last season was their worst performance in 10 years. It was eliminated from all cup competitions and failed to even advance to the European competition by remaining in 8th place in the league. This is why Kane wants to leave Tottenham. Tottenham did not win the Ueung Trophy, but Munich is the strongest team in Germany, having won 11 consecutive Bundesliga titles. In Munich, the chances of winning the trophy are very high.

According to the British Times, Kane has made it clear that he has no intention of renewing his contract with Tottenham this summer. He is also known to have rejected Tottenham’s offer to renew his contract.

French media Foot Mercato also said, “Tottenham is under more pressure than ever with the Kane issue. The possibility of Kane’s departure has been discussed, and Munich has been at the forefront for several weeks.” mentioned

Some German media reported that “Tottenham are slowly but surely showing signs of giving up their hardline stance. Tottenham is preparing to part with Kane and has been searching for his successor in the transfer market. Tottenham have shown this change of heart. The decisive reason is that Kane has made it clear that he has no intention of renewing the contract.”

In fact, it is known that Joe Louis Tottenham owner gave a notice to Chairman Daniel Levy to sell unconditionally this summer if he cannot renew the contract with Kane. Tottenham coach Angie Postecoglu and best friend Son Heung-min also said they would respect Kane’s decision and are preparing for the possibility of Kane leaving.

During the last pre-season Asian tour, Son Heung-min said, “To me, Kane was a fantastic player. He was always professional, he always played hard. There’s so much news about him lately. It won’t be easy for Kane too. Kane is our captain and “I’m with Tottenham,” he said, making it clear that he is currently affiliated with Tottenham, but “the decision will be between the club and Kane. We have to respect that decision. I don’t know anything. I can’t say anything about the final decision. Kane probably doesn’t know either. We just have to wait.”

In this situation, Munich recently headed to London to build a deal with Chairman Levy. On the 31st, Munich CEO Jan Christian Dresen and general manager Marco Nepe had a meeting with Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy, and there was still a difference in the transfer fee. According to local media, it was known that the difference was about 20 million pounds (about 33.3 billion won).

Kane is eager to move to Munich. It is said that he is even willing to give up part of his salary if the transfer fee proposed by Munich is insufficient. Britain’s Daily Mail reported that “Kane is willing to give up part of his salary of £20 million (about 33.3 billion won) after Munich’s £85 million (about 141.5 billion won) offer was recently rejected by Tottenham.”

German Bild, who first reported this news, said, “If you look at Kane’s case, only Thiago Alcantara and Julian Nagels, who have taken similar steps in the past, come to mind.” We can give you compensation corresponding to the amount you gave up.”

After that, the deadline was set. The Munich regional magazine AZ reported on the 4th that “Munich is serious. They have set a deadline for signing Tottenham Kane.” Fabrizio Romano, a journalist specializing in European football, also said on social media, “According to sources close to the news of the negotiations, Munich expects a final decision on the Kane deal in a so-called ‘will or not?’

In the end, Tottenham showed a willingness to negotiate, and with Munich offering an amount exceeding £100 million for the first time, negotiations between the two clubs are expected to enter a new phase.

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