Napoli renews contract with ‘120 billion Georgia Maradona’

 Kim Min-jae (26)’s team, Napoli, will renew the contract with the Georgian express Hvica Kravatshelia (22).

Hvica is regarded as the best signing along with Kim Min-jae this season. He appeared in 30 official matches for Napoli, scoring 14 goals and 16 assists. He led the team to the quarter-finals of the Champions League as well as the team’s Serie A lead run. He won the Serie A Player of the Month award three times. The media and fans gave him the nickname ‘Georgia Diego Maradona메이저놀이터‘.

Many big clubs such as Real Madrid, Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool, and Paris Saint-Germain are interested in Hvica. It is expected to be the hottest potato in the transfer market this summer.

Napoli set out to catch on. Italy’s Ilmartino said on the 31st, “Napoli will discuss a new contract with Hvacha’s agent after this season. Renewal is certain. The annual salary is 2.5 million euros (3.5 billion won).”

According to the media, Napoli needs to win Serie A. The upcoming Champions League challenge is also important. President Aurelio De Laurentiis has set a salary cap for players. The total salary is 75 million euros (about 106 billion won) and the annual salary is 2.5 million euros (3.5 billion won).

In the case of Hvica, like Victor Osimen, he is preparing a contract that exceeds the salary cap through a separate clause. It is known that other players will seek to renew contracts to be included within the upper limit.

The market value of Hvica, which was 15 million euros (approximately 21.2 billion won), has soared to 85 million euros (120.1 billion won).

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