NHL Chicago cancels ‘rainbow uniform’ event to protect Russian players

The Chicago Blackhawks of the North American Ice Hockey League (NHL) wear LGBT commemorative uniforms to protect Russian players from the “Homosexuality Propaganda Ban Act” passed in Russia at the end of last year. The ‘Judge’ event was canceled.

The Associated Press reported on the 24th메이저놀이터(Korean time), citing a related source, “Chicago, which has at least two players related to Russia, will not wear a rainbow-patterned uniform that symbolizes LGBTQ people against the Vancouver Canucks on the 27th.” did.

The “Homosexuality Propaganda Ban Law,” which was finally signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin, bans the propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations against all minors and adults.

In Russia, all online discussions on LGBT topics are blocked, and the sale of products containing LGBT slogans or symbols is prohibited.

In case of violation, the individual faces a fine of up to 400,000 rubles (about 6.8 million won).

Russian players currently playing in the NHL are not immediately punished by the bill, but players’ families living in Russia may face disadvantages.

Chicago manager Luke Richardson said, “We cannot control international affairs. The club made the best decision for everyone.”

Not all Russian NHL players refuse to attend LGBT events.

Florida Panthers’ Russian-born star goalie Sergei Babrowski, along with his teammates, donned the ‘Pride’ uniform, which symbolizes sexual minorities.

Apart from the situation in Russia, there are also players who refuse to wear rainbow uniforms for reasons of personal belief or religion.

Babrowski’s teammates and brothers Eric Stahl and Marc Stahl, who play together in Florida, announced they would not be attending the event, saying, “It goes against our Christian beliefs to wear ‘Pride’ uniforms.”

They both have the right to voice their opinion,” said Florida coach Paul Morris.

In January, Ivan Provorov, who plays for the Philadelphia Flyers, and James Reimer, the San Jose Sharks, on the 19th of this month, respectively, refused to attend an LGBTQ event on the grounds of religion.

In June of last year, the Tampa Bay Rays of the American Professional Baseball Major League (MLB) did not hold an LGBTQ event scheduled by agreement with the players.

The Chicago team drew the line that the cancellation of the uniform does not exclude LGBTQ people.

The Associated Press said, “Even if you don’t wear the Pride uniform, various events will be held as they are.”

Chicago defender Seth Jones said, “I don’t want to represent the whole team. We still do a lot for LGBT people, and the players respect them.

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