“Ohtani must have been so excited… See you every year in October.” LAT reporter also prayed for escape from the Angels

It must have been exciting to see Ohtani strike out Trout and then throw his glove and hat into the air.”

Shohei Ohtani (LA Angels) reproduced his cartoonish pitching performance in the Japanese national team, leading Japan to win the World Baseball Classic. Even off the field, he showed his model student appearance and received praise from fans.

During the WBC, such Ohtani expressed his feelings relatively frankly메이저놀이터. Watching the relay broadcasts, he consistently showed his teammate’s good play and his enjoyment in the dugout. In the last minute of the final match, he struck out fellow Angels teammate Mike Trout and threw his hat and glove to share the joy with his teammates.

LA Times reporter Dylan Hernandez looked at Ohtani from a slightly different perspective. They argued that Ohtani should escape from the Angels because major league fans want to see Ohtani having fun every October (postseason). There was a strong conviction that the Angels would never become postseason contenders.

“Ohtani should spend the rest of his career with a franchise that expects to make it to the postseason,” Hernandez said. Otherwise, the sport is detrimental. How excited would it be to see Ohtani strike out Trout and then throw his glove and hat into the air? How fun it was to see him smile throughout the tournament.”

Hernandez goes on to say, “October every year. The major leagues do not have to wait three more years until the next WBC (the next tournament will be held in 2026) to see this version of Ohtani.” It is hoped that Ohtani will show how he enjoys short-term matches and how he plays a big role as a winner in the major league postseason. Even for the major leagues concerned about a long-term slump, there is nothing more dramatic and exciting than Ohtani’s postseason debut. On the other hand, even LA media reporters pray for Ohtani’s escape means that they have no expectations for the Angels.

Nation Halos Today, an Angels fan of Sports Illustrated, who introduced Hernandez’s comments, said on the 25th (hereinafter Korean time), “Arte Moreno, the owner of the Angels and the Angels front desk, their superstar (Ohtani) surprised everyone at the WBC. I hope you enjoy watching, but it should be the final reminder for Ohtani.”

It means that if you do not have the confidence to go to the postseason with Ohtani, make a big deal. Owner Moreno has expressed his intention to capture Ohtani after announcing his intention to withdraw from the sale of the club, but there is no circumstance that he has formally offered an extension contract. When the season opens, Ohtani’s destination is expected to become a hot potato in earnest.

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