‘One Company Full Bases Crisis→KK Show’ 2nd Year Firefighter’s Goal “I want to perform my duty well as the last pitcher

 Lim Ji-min, who guards the back door of the NC Dinos Futures team, won his 3rd save of the season. 

Lim Ji-min added a save with 5 strikeouts메이저놀이터 and no runs in 1⅔ innings in an away game against Goyang Heroes held at Goyang Stadium on the 16th.

Lim Ji-min climbed the mound in the 8th inning with one out and bases loaded with a 6-4 lead. Kim Woong-bin and Joo Seong-won were struck out in a row to calm the crisis. In the ninth inning, Song Jae-seon and Kim Soo-hwan were struck out in a row, and Kim Kun-hee was struck out by the catcher. 

After the game, Ji-min Lim said on the official Instagram of the Futures team, “I’m in good condition recently. (Today’s game) I took over the mound in a situation where there were runners, but I thought it was all points and threw it aggressively.” 

He continued, “Last year, I think I tried to throw with too much power. This year, I thought about various things on the mound and practiced pitching, so I think I got a little more room.”

Lim Ji-min also said, “Last season, when the score was tight, there were many cases where I collapsed before I even got close to the opponent. 

He, who has been active as a firefighter for the NC Futures team since his first year of debut last year, said, “This season, my goal is not to get sick unconditionally and to perform well as a finishing pitcher for the C team. If I keep that part well, I have a bigger chance. I think it will come,” he said.

Finally, he concluded the interview by saying, “Right now, our team C pitchers have a lot of injuries, so it’s a bit difficult when we play. I hope all of our team players are healthy and strong. I will become a player who improves every year.

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