Park Chan-ho’s teammate is still playing? Unexpected 163-win pitcher, re-challenging the big league in SD

 Cole Hamels (40, San Diego), a former colleague of Park Chan-ho (50, retired) and who once commanded the major leagues, re-challenged the big leagues after a two-year hiatus. do.

Hamels recently met with Star News at the San Diego 먹튀검증(SD) Spring Camp in Peoria, Arizona, USA and said, “I’m doing well as a member of San Diego. Actually, I grew up as a fan watching San Diego baseball when I was young, so I’m not familiar with this place and I like it.” said.

Hamels, who signed a minor league contract with San Diego in February, said, “San Diego, which has built an all-star lineup, is a team full of energy. “San Diego is also trying to figure out my physical condition and make it better than in the past. I am especially grateful and happy for those things,” he said.

Regarding the focus of this spring camp, he said, “When I come back from a shoulder injury like myself, the first thing I face is whether I can throw the ball. It also requires mental strength to overcome and overcome obstacles.”

Hamels, a lefty, was selected by Philadelphia in the first round (17th overall) of the 2002 Major League Baseball Draft and turned pro. He was good at school as well as baseball in high school. With a perfect score of 1600, he scored 1510 on the SAT.

In the early days of his debut, he suffered an elbow injury in 2004 and a fractured left arm in 2005. However, his talent and skills did not rust. After returning from injury, Hamels started 2006 in Double-A and finished the season in Triple-A. In particular, in three games played at Triple-A, he showed his strength by striking out as many as 36 times. Hamels stepped on the major league stage against Cincinnati in May 2006, leaving a minor league record of 14 wins, 4 losses, and 273 strikeouts.

After posting a record of 9-8 in his first year, he grew into the best pitcher representing the league by raising double-digit multipliers for six consecutive seasons from the following year to 2012. In particular, in five starts in the 2008 postseason, he went 4-0 with an ERA of 1.80 and led his team, Philadelphia, to the World Series championship. That year, Hamels showed off his spirit by winning the National League Championship Series (NLCS) Most Valuable Player (MVP) and the World Series MVP in a row. Hamels is one of only five players in MLB history to have been awarded postseason MVP more than once.

In 2009, Hamels, who also ate together with Chan-Hon Park in Philadelphia, moved to Texas during the 2015 season and Chicago Cubs in 2018. As the saying goes, ‘there is no business in front of time’, Hamels also revealed a clear aging curve phenomenon as of 2018, and there is no record of throwing Atlanta in the major leagues in 2020.

He played 15 seasons in the major leagues, including winning the World Series and being selected as an All-Star four times.

Having achieved both wealth and honor, why does he continue to throw the ball at an age of innocence? Hamels said, “I really like baseball, and if I have the energy to do it, what kind of obstacle would age be? When I was in my 20s, watching seniors in their 40s throw from the mound, I realized how they could throw at that age and how to manage it.” “That’s why I think there’s nothing I can’t do even though I’m older than those seniors. I have the stamina to do that, and I have the confidence to compete. In fact, I see no end to competition in the world of professional sports. Every day is It’s a competition itself. But I’m ready to compete, and I’m confident.”

Regarding future plans, he said, “San Diego’s starting lineup is very good. That’s why I’m not competing for a spot in the starting lineup in spring training. I’ve been off for the past two years without any real experience, so I’m going to keep looking for my pitching in the past, both physically and mentally. “I’m going through the process of being technically trained, and I have to do that for a while.” This is my goal and plan with the team. The important thing is that I am doing this because I really want to do it. I am very grateful and happy for the fact that I have been given the conditions to do such a job.” built

I wonder what kind of fruit the challenge of Hamels, the former ‘ace’, will bear this season.

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