‘Piles of money’ in cooker, refrigerator…stolen cell phone under the sink ‘whoops’

A naturalized Korean citizen who sold lost or stolen cell phones to foreign traders for a profit has been caught by police with more than 68 million won in cash. Bunches of cash were found throughout the naturalized citizen’s home, even in household appliances.

Reporter Yeo Do-hyun.


Police officers find one black bag after another on the ceiling of an office building.

When they open the bags, they see wads of money.

[Reporter] How much is this? {20 million won.}

Wads of money continue to appear in the rice cooker and refrigerator.

Dozens of cell phones are found under the kitchen sink.

This is the scene of a raid on the residence of Mr. A, an artisan who naturalized in Korea from Pakistan.

According to the police, from October last year until recently먹튀검증, Mr. A bought stolen or lost cell phones on the subway for 200,000 won to 1 million won.

He then sold them to foreign traders at a traditional market in downtown Seoul for a total profit of 680.5 million won.

Throughout the process, Ahn changed his phone every month to avoid detection by the police.

He was also found to have conducted the transactions mainly in the blind spots of CCTV.

The police made an emergency arrest, detained him, and handed him over to prosecutors.

They seized 34 cell phones from his home, as well as a stack of cash.

They are now expanding their investigation to include the thieves who gave A the stolen cell phones.

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