Polish national team setter Boworsch, wrist injury…It is unclear when to return to the national team

The Polish women’s volleyball team is in emergency. It is because of the wrist injury of main setter Joanna Boworsch (Imoko Cornelliano).

The Polish national team is currently ahead of the second week of the 2023 International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) Volleyball Nations League (VNL). Following the first week메이저놀이터, the 14-member list for the second week does not have the name of the captain and main member, Boworche.

In Week 1, with Bowersch missing, Katarzyna Venerska led the team on the court. 203cm Apogee Magdalena Stysiak born in 2000 and 200cm middle blocker Agnieszka Konolevska poured fierce attacks and won all four matches in the first week. Currently, VNL records 4 wins (11 points), beats China in 2nd place, and is in first place.

Even while cruising, I have no choice but to wait for the return of Bowersch. However, the timing of her Bower shoe’s return is unclear.

According to the Polish media’TVP’ on the 10th, Bowersch said, “The damage to the triangular bone of her wrist is the biggest problem,” and “I endured while taking painkillers even in the Italian league. She didn’t play perfectly, but she was lucky to lift the trophy. She thought her wrist would get better at the end of the season, but when she came back to Poland it got worse,” she said of her wrist condition.

“There is a possibility of surgery, but I am waiting for it to improve with rest, rehabilitation, and physical therapy. Surgery does not guarantee a quick recovery. You may think it’s foolish, but I’m also afraid that the condition and sensation in my hand won’t return to the way it used to be after surgery. I will discuss with my doctor and try to avoid surgery as much as possible.”

In particular, in September of this year, the Olympic qualifiers with tickets to the 2024 Paris Olympics will be held. Bowersch’s will to join the national team was strong, even for the sake of the Olympics. “I wanted to join the national team as soon as possible. It’s a pity that we can’t be together now, but I’m proud of the national team players.”

After announcing a smooth start, Poland will hold its second week of VNL in Hong Kong. We meet the Dominican Republic, Turkey, the Netherlands and China in turn. Afterwards, they will move to Suwon, Korea, where they will face off against Korea for the last time after the US, Germany and Bulgaria. It is noteworthy whether Boworche will go on an expedition to Korea.

Last year, Poles struggled as Joo Stisiak dropped out of the national team right before the VNL due to a knee injury. This year, the main setter was absent. Director Stefano Lavarini’s concerns deepen.

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