“Possibility of not playing” Lloris’ 11-year life at Tottenham ends in disaster?

There is a possibility that Hugo Lloris메이저사이트 (36)’s 11-year life at Tottenham will end with a disaster game. 

The British media’Evening Standard’ said on the 5th, “Lloris was injured in the last game against Newcastle United, which was defeated 1-6. Lloris is unlikely to play again this season, so the humiliating match was his last appearance in Tottenham’s life. It is more likely to become,” he reported. 

At the time, Lloris was substituted out due to a thigh injury after giving up five runs in 21 minutes in the first half. It becomes so miserable when it is the last game of a player who has supported the team for 11 years. Lloris’ contract expires at the end of the season and the team hopes he’ll play at least one more game, but his recovery doesn’t look easy. 

Lloris has been at Tottenham for over a decade after joining the club from Olympique Lyonnais in 2012. He has dedicated himself to the team since 2015, when he served as captain. 

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