Pregnant woman in her 30s with ruptured amniotic fluid in Sokcho, transported by helicopter to Seoul as no delivery room available

A pregnant woman in her 30s who was about to give birth in Gangwon Province had to be transported to Seoul by helicopter after struggling to find a delivery room.

According to the Gangwon Provincial Fire and Rescue Headquarters, at around 4:28 a.m. on the 6th, a report was received that the amniotic fluid of a pregnant woman, Ms. A, 38메이저놀이터, had ruptured at a resort in Sokcho.

The responding paramedics tried to transfer her to a large hospital in Gangneung, but were told that there were not enough beds in the delivery room for surgery and hospitalization.

After searching for a bed, the paramedics eventually requested a firefighting helicopter to transport Ms. A to a major hospital in Seoul.

Ms. A is reported to have given birth safely. She is also reportedly in good health.

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