President Yoon, youth baseball tournament ‘surprise referee’ appeared…”I’m proud of my heart”

 President Yoon Seok-yeol made메이저사이트 a surprise appearance as a referee.

On the 14th, President Yoon visited the final match between Shinheungcho in Daejeon and Gadongcho in Seoul at the invitation of the President’s Office at the Yongsan Children’s Garden.

On this day, President Yoon appeared on the ground wearing the official baseball jumper and delivered a commemorative hat and a bouquet to both team captains and coaches.

Then, after wearing referee equipment such as a protector and mask worn by the referee, he declared a play ball and held a strike ceremony.

In his speech of encouragement, President Yoon said, “I hope you will play a great game that respects the rules of baseball and is considerate of the opposing team.”

Afterwards, he reportedly moved to the stands to watch the final game. 

The Presidential Office Invitational National Youth Baseball Tournament invited a total of 32 teams, including the top 3 teams in 8 leagues of the National Youth Championship under the age of 12 last year and excellent regional teams, and played in a tournament format from the 1st.

Meanwhile, the President’s Office said, “With this invitational event held in commemoration of the opening of the Yongsan Children’s Garden, the Yongsan Children’s Garden’s sports field is actively utilized to establish itself as a place for living sports where many children can enjoy sports including baseball and display their skills to their heart’s content. We plan to do so,” he said.

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