Promote introduction of ‘robot referee’ in high school baseball next year

From next year, it is expected that so-called ‘robot referees’, which use machines to judge strikes, will be introduced in high school baseball nationwide.

The Korea Baseball Softball Association announced that it had applied for a budget to introduce a so-called ‘robot referee’, a machine judgment system that is being tested in the second team of professional baseball, to high school baseball next year.

Robot referees are aiming to be introduced in both the major leagues and the KBO league as early as 2024, but the association said that it will be introduced in high school baseball first as there is a high demand for judgment fairness because of students’ advancement and employment.

The robot referee is a system that analyzes pitch trajectories with cameras installed in first base, third base, and outfield, reads whether or not the machine has scored a strike, and delivers it to the referee. 토토사이트

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