Qatar Bank vs Britain’s richest man… Who will win the Manchester United takeover battle?

The fight for the new owner of Manchester United has begun in earnest.

The bid deadline for the sale of Manchester United’s club, 온라인바카라which is owned by the Glazer family, has passed. In the UK, the takeover of Manchester United is expected to be a two-way match.

First, the foundation led by bin Hamad al-Thani, chairman of the Islamic Bank of Qatar, is a strong candidate. From the time I heard the news that I participated in the bid, it was evaluated that I was the most advanced in the acquisition of Manchester United. It is different from the Qatar Investment Authority, which owns PSG (Paris Saint-Germain).

Backed by oil money, Qatar spends huge amounts of money on sports including hosting the World Cup. In terms of the size of their assets, Qatar is by far the number one among those seeking to take over Manchester United.

The threat to Qatar is Jim Radcliffe, Britain’s richest man. Radcliffe is a billionaire who founded the chemical company Ineos.

He is famous for being an avid Manchester United fan since he was a child. His love for football is so great that he already owns Nice in the French Ligue 1 and Lausanne in the Swiss Super League. He also jumped in last year before he took over Chelsea.

The dark horses are the United States and Saudi Arabia. A consortium of rich people from the two countries is also known to have entered the race to take over Manchester United.

In the end, the key to the Manchester United takeover is money. The side with the highest bid becomes the owner of Manchester United. The amount the Glazers want is at least 6 billion pounds (9.4 trillion won) or more.

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