Quiet men’s, lively mobile women’s… Transfer market temperature difference

The temperature difference in the transfer market between men and women in the V-League is noticeable. While the men’s division is quiet토토사이트, the women’s division is actively moving.

The characteristic of the men’s transfer market in April is maintaining the status quo. In particular, the actions of Korean Air and Hyundai Capital, which took first and second place in the regular league last season, affected the entire league. Korean Air’s apogee spike Lim Dong-hyuk and Hyundai Capital’s multi-player Heo Soo-bong, who were classified as the biggest players in the transfer market, remained in the original team side by side.

In the case of Heo Soo-bong, it was likely that he would remain at Hyundai Capital. Due to his loyalty to manager Choi Tae-woong and his affection for the club, the possibility of a transfer seemed unlikely. On the other hand, in the case of Lim Dong-hyuk, the volleyball community’s opinion was that he should now go to a team that can play as a starting player. Last season, Lim Dong-hyuk only played as a substitute and scored 278 points. He barely secured playing time in the team’s festivities, the championship match. Korean Air plans to continue with Lincoln next season. Lim Dong-hyuk may spend more time in the warm-up zone next season. It is not a good environment for players who need to grow for a long time. As a result, the possibility of a transfer was raised, and in fact, some teams showed interest, but he stayed with Korean Air.

As the 1st and 2nd places all succeeded in cracking down on rabbits, the competition for rankings in the men’s division is not expected to change much next season. Another great player, Na Gyeong-bok, left Woori Card and transferred to KB Insurance, but he will not play in the V-League next season because he will soon be serving in the military. In fact, it is expected that the system of the first and second rounds, which is no different from last season, will be solidified.

On the other hand, the transfer of the women’s team is more active than ever. While Kim Yeon-kyung remained at Heungkuk Life Insurance, Kim Su-ji’s joining was confirmed. Heungkuk Life Insurance, which is challenging the integrated championship, is steadily proceeding with recruitment.

The moves of the lower-tier teams are also noticeable.

Pepper Savings Bank, which had been at the bottom for two seasons, was able to target the last place by recruiting Park Jung-ah and Chae Seon-ah. With internal free agents Lee Han-bi and Oh Ji-young, the squad has definitely become stronger. GS Caltex, who was unable to play spring volleyball last season, upgraded the middle line by recruiting veteran Jeong Dae-young, the main player in the Korea Expressway Corporation’s come-from-behind victory. IBK Industrial Bank also brought Hwang Min-kyung, a ‘real’ outside heater, and succeeded in strengthening his power throughout the air and defense.

In the case of Hyundai E&C, which created a solo system until the foreign player was injured in the regular league last season, it failed to recruit Kim Yeon-kyung and gave away Hwang Min-kyung, making it impossible to avoid a power leak.

It is expected that the women’s division will be leveled overall. It’s an obvious boon. If Kim Yeon-kyung withdraws from his retirement and continues on the V-League stage next season, and each team fights fiercely for rankings, it is expected that box office success beyond last season can be expected.

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