Record in 23 years’ SK Rookie of the Year, nominated by Ssangbang-wool, to SSG Super Rookie 

The first and second teams of all time안전놀이터, who surpassed the time of 23 years, met.

Right-handed pitcher Song Young-jin, who joined SSG Landers as a rookie in 2023 after graduating from Daejeon High School, made his first professional debut against Incheon NC Dinos on the 14th. The previous two appearances were both relief appearances.

Song Young-jin, who got a chance to start due to Kim Gwang-hyeon’s injury, became the winning pitcher with no hits, 7 strikeouts, 2 walks, 1 walk and no runs in 5 innings against the NC lineup. It was impressive that he did not allow a single hit during five innings. Director Kim Won-hyeong said, “I watched the first inning too nervously. But when I went into the second inning and saw him throwing the ball, I thought, ah, I don’t have to be nervous about this guy. I thought he was a pitcher who already had his own.” I gave him the best compliment I could.

It is the second time in the history of the SSG club (including the predecessor SK Wyverns) that a new pitcher in the first year of high school has won a start in the first start. The first record is held by Lee Seung-ho, the current first-team bullpen coach. Coach Lee Seung-ho made his debut against Incheon LG Twins on May 3, 2000, when he was a rookie, and became the winning pitcher with 2 runs in 7 innings. And that year, he even won the rookie of the year award. At the time, SK was in last place in the Magic League with a win rate of 0.338 in the first year of its foundation, but Lee Seung-ho won the dignified rookie award. He received the name of the last 1st charge of the Ssangbangbang Raiders, and as the SK era opened, he made his professional debut as a member of SK.

Of course, coach Lee Seung-ho’s first win was not the first win in his professional debut. First, there were two saviors. Song Young-jin is the only one who has a pure debut and first starter win.

Coincidentally, coach Lee Seung-ho and Song Young-jin are currently eating rice together in the first team, so the SSG club took a small commemorative photo before Song Young-jin’s home game against the NC Dinos on the 15th, the day after his first win.

Coach Lee Seung-ho said, “I didn’t know if there was such a record because it was so old,” but “Young-jin had just graduated from high school, so he must have been very nervous because it was his first start, but he threw well unlike a rookie. He’s a very confident friend, so I was very worried while watching the game.” I didn’t do it,” he praised.

Song Young-jin said, “I feel very good because I am the main character who has set a record for the first time in decades. Not only coach Lee Seung-ho, but also coach Jo Woong-cheon and other coaches have given good guidance, so I think there are good results.” , I have a long way to go. I will try to prepare by concentrating as much as I can in the areas I can.”

Coach Lee Seung-ho started as a high school graduate in 2000 and continued his active career until 2015. Although there were various adversities such as injuries and rehabilitation, he played an active part as a bullpen pitcher for a long time. He told Song Young-jin, who started his professional career, “Young-jin has enough qualities in everything, including his current skills and condition. If he is careful about injuries, he will become a player who can play for a long time. All you have to do is focus on winning. I was like that when I was young too, but I think good grades will come if I do it without hesitation,” he said, laughing, “Actually, it was so long ago when I was a rookie that I can’t remember.”

Will Song Young-jin, who succeeded Lee Seung-ho in 23 years, be able to continue the lineage of rookie king? Rivals are fierce, including Lee Woon, who was his motive for joining. While the tough competition for survival has begun in earnest, the first step has been made well.

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