Safe 1st, 2nd base crisis deleted… ERA 0.00 Three Quarter Fighting Chicken Rookie, the more you watch, the more things

 It does not collapse even in a crisis. 

KIA Tigers rookie pitcher Kwak Do-gyu (19)메이저놀이터 caused a dizzying crisis, but showed the ability to escape safely. On the 24th, he pitched in the Gwangju demonstration game against SSG Landers and recorded 1 hit, 1 walk, and no runs in 1 inning. 

In the top of the ninth, he came out as the last pitcher with a score of 2-3 and allowed veteran Kim Kang-min a hit to the left center of the first batter. He then allowed Kim Seong-hyun to walk. His fastball to the inside of his conversion was ruled a ball. 

Since SSG was one point away, it would have used a bunt strategy in the regular season, but it went strong. Kwak Do-gyu was not shaken even in the crisis of 1st and 2nd base. He induced Choi Kyung-mo to hit the third base in just two pitches. Pinch hitter Cho Hyeong-woo also treated it as a shortstop ground ball and prevented a run.

It is a streak of 5 consecutive scoreless matches. He gave up 1 hit, 3 walks and 2 strikeouts in 4 innings. It is a style that is thrown in the middle of the three-quarters and sidearm, and boldly uses the middle of 140km. 

The pitch that penetrated deep into the right-handed hitter’s body was impressive. It was a bold pitch that was not like a rookie. Although he gave up 3 walks in 5 games, rather than completely missing out, a group of bullets is being formed near the strike zone. 

He played an active role as the ace of Gongju High School and was dropped in the 5th round (rank 42). Although the spring camp was held in Hampyeong, he caught attention by throwing up to 148 km. On the 13th, from the first day of the demonstration game against Hanwha, he completely blocked one inning and held a ceremony.

1st rounder Yoon Young-cheol is competing for the 5th start by pitching 2 games and 8⅔ innings without a loss. Kwak Do-gyu also appeared like a comet, showing competitiveness and challenging the first-team bullpen entry. It was also fun to see the two new pitchers ahead of the opening. 

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