Saga Of The Professional Poker Tour Continues

The Professional Poker Tour will be broadcast in the coming months by the Travel Channel. The saga of the Professional Poker Tour continues to be one that seems to have no end. On July 5th at 9PM, after the completion of the WPT Championship and the fourth season of the World Poker Tour the previous week, the PPT takes center stage for the next twenty four weeks.

The Professional Poker Tour is the highly 토토사이트 competitive and professional packed program that many poker viewers have been looking for on television. Because the five tournaments have the best in the world from the U.S. and international community of poker players, the poker played should be at an extremely high level and the players should be household names to viewers who may be growingIn an interesting step for tournament poker broadcasts, the PPT will feature coverage of the entirety of tournaments, rather than just the final tables. This should allow viewers to see the skill that the game of poker requires. As many as fifteen tables are covered from start to finish in the five tournaments that make up the PPT, which were played out at some of the finest casinos in the United States. Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut, the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles, Bay 101 Casino in San Jose, CA, and the Mirage and the Bellagio in Las Vegas are the stops that the PPT makes.

Each tournament is a freeroll for the participating players, with the $600,000 pot of gold at the end of the rainbow only being divvyed up by the final table players. The usage of what essentially is a “shot clock” on the players at the final table should also make for some interesting TV. The players have a ninety second time period to make their move at the tables or risk having their hand declared dead. The players can work around this by using a “time bank” that many online players are used to using for those extremely tough decisions, but it can only be used once during play at the final table. These innovations should make for active and strong play to be dissected by the announcing crew for the PPT.

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