Shin Dong-hyuk’s 3rd quarter buzzer beater was 20m… Team tied for 2nd place after Seo Jang-hoon

The distance of the 3rd quarter buzzer beater recorded by Shin Dong-hyuk in a head-to-head match against SK is 20m.

Seoul Samsung played Seoul SK and S-Derby at Jamsil Gymnasium on the 16th. It was a hot game that went into overtime.

Among them,메이저사이트 a long-range buzzer beater was also released.

Samsung allowed a bank shot to Heo Il-young with 0.8 seconds left at the end of the third quarter.

Jang Min-guk passed a pass to Shin Dong-hyuk at the end line. Shin Dong-hyeok turned around and threw a shot right away. The ball, which drew a long parabola, passed through the rim as it was.

It seems that it took more than 0.8 seconds for Shin Dong-hyuk to receive the pass and throw the shot, but in the relay video, the light on the backboard comes on after the ball leaves Shin Dong-hyuk’s hand.

In the KBL game rules, ‘if there is a yellow lighting facility along the upper periphery of the backboard, the light takes precedence over the buzzer of the 24-second timepiece.’

Through video review, the referees acknowledged Shin Dong-hyuk’s buzzer beater as a goal.

If you watch the video of the game and measure the time Shin Dong-hyuk takes a pass and throws a shot several times with a stopwatch, it usually comes out as 0.7 seconds.

When a long-distance buzzer beater is played, KBL officially announces the distance while watching the game video at the game supervisor and the game headquarters. You can guess the approximate distance by considering the court’s free throw line and 3-point line.

KBL said the distance of Shin Dong-hyuk’s long-range buzzer beater was 20m.

This is tied for 17th in the all-time long-distance buzzer beater.

Among the Samsung players, the longest long-distance buzz butter is Seo Jang-hoon’s 22m, and Shin Dong-hyuk’s 20m is tied for second place with Park Seong-bae.

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