Short-sleeved fighting spirit in the wind? Pitchers Passion Melted Arizona Weather

 The pitchers of the national team burned their enthusiasm until the end despite the rain and wind in Arizona.

The national team was scheduled to play a practice game against the LG Twins on the 27th, Korean time, but the game was canceled due to heavy rain early in the morning. A rare rain in Arizona did not drain the ground.

What is urgent right now is the pitchers who need to increase the number of pitches sufficiently before the tournament. On that day,메이저사이트 the national team replaced the game with self-training, and 14 out of 15 pitchers went to the bullpen pitching field.

Each threw as many balls as needed and checked their final condition in Arizona, USA. When I go back to Korea on the 28th, the full-fledged actual battle will begin, so I will try to prepare my body before that.

It was windy at the bullpen pitching pitch and the soil was not dry, but the pitchers went on pitching regardless. Even in the cold weather, Jung Woo-young showed off his short-sleeved fighting spirit and burned his will.

The national team will do simple training on the 28th and head straight to Korea. Attention is focusing on whether Lee Kang-cheol-ho, who suffered from Arizona’s unusual weather, will be able to pick up the pace with enthusiasm.

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