Song Bum-keun’s goal, “Being in the top 5 of Shonan Bellmare, ACL line, learning Japanese”

Song Bum-keun, the goalkeeper of the Korean national soccer team preparing for a new career at Japan’s J1 League club Shonan Bellmare, expressed his desire to earn a ticket to the AFC Champions League by placing his team in the top 5.

According to the Japanese media <Sports Hochi>, Song Bum-geun said, “I’m aiming for the team’s top 5 or higher. Personally, I want to participate in the AFC Champions League. Outside of soccer, I want to learn Japanese.” expressed his determination.

He continued, “As a goalkeeper, I want to do my best not to concede. I want to play according to the team’s tactics. And as a goalkeeper, I think communication is important. I have to communicate with the defender,” contributing to the team with excellent play. expressed a desire to스포츠토토

<Sports Hochi> predicted that as goalkeeper Tani Akira, who was responsible for the goal of Shonan Bellmare last season, returned to his original team, Gamba Osaka, Song Bum-geun is likely to become the main goalkeeper of Shonan Bellmare in the 2023 season. Shonan Bellmare was ranked 12th in the J1 League in Japan in the 2022 season (10 wins, 11 draws, 13 losses, 31 points and 39 goals in 34 matches).

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