Song Jae-il becomes the first KPGA Srixon Tour winner this season

The first KPGA winner this season was born.

Song Jae-il (25. Srixon) reached the top at the 2023 KPGA Srixon Tour 5th Tournament (total prize money 80 million won, championship prize money 16 million won). By winning two consecutive competitions following the last ‘fourth competition’, Song Jae-il was named the first multi-winner of the KPGA Srixon Tour in the 2023 season. From Kim Yong-tae (24. Srixon)메이저놀이터, the winner of the ‘3rd Tournament’, to the ‘4th Tournament’ and ‘5th Tournament’, Srixon’s players made a splendid feat of winning 3 consecutive victories.

On the first day of the tournament held on the 20th and 21st at Gimcheon Podo CC (par 72, 7299 yards) in Gimcheon, Gyeongbuk, Song Jae-il committed 1 bogey, but pulled out 7 birdies and scored 6 under par 66, tied for 2nd place, 3 strokes behind the sole lead. seated On the final day of the tournament, Song Jae-il, who reduced 5 strokes by tying 6 birdies and 1 bogey, lifted the championship trophy with a final total of 11 under par, 133 strokes, beating the tied 2nd place group by 2 strokes.

After the game, Song Jae-il said, “I am happy to have won two consecutive tournaments and won a lot.” At the crucial moment, the short game operation was stable and well done, including the wedge shot.” He continued, “It seems that playing without any pressure after winning the previous tournament was also the driving force behind the second win of the season.”

With this victory, Song Jae-il took first place in both the Srixon points and Srixon prize money rankings of the KPGA Srixon Tour in the 2023 season with 33,068 points and 33,087,200 won, respectively.

Song Jae-il was active on the KPGA Srixon Tour in 2020 and entered the TOP 10 4 times, including 1 championship. He climbed to 3rd place in Srixon points and earned the right to participate in the 2021 KPGA Korean Tour, but failed to maintain the seed with disappointing results.

Song Jae-il said, “This season, my goal is to return to the KPGA Korean Tour as the No. 1 player in Srixon points.”

Yang Hee-jun (23) and Shin Jae-won (28) tied for second place with a final total of 9 under par and 135 strokes. Ahn Hae-cheon (17.A) tied for 12th with a final total of 5 under par 139, the highest among amateur players.

Meanwhile, the ‘2023 KPGA Srixon Tour 6th Tournament’ will be held at Solago CC in Taean, Chungcheongnam-do for two days from the 16th to the 17th of next month.

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