Sooner or later, I will break through 100 billion won…Considering Kim Min-jae buyout ‘87.7 billion won’

Napoli is considering an increase in Kim Min-jae’s buyout amount.

The value of ‘Korean Monster’ Kim Min-jae is increasing day by day. After conquering the Asian stage through Korea and China, he headed to Turkey last season to challenge the European stage. There were concerns and prejudices that it would be difficult for an Asian defender to adapt in Europe, but that did not apply to Kim Min-jae. He immediately jumped to the core of the team and became the target of a big club in one season.

That’s how I headed to Naples this season. 스포츠토토 Given the daunting task of replacing Callie do Coulibaly, who was once considered the world’s best centre-back and rivaled by Virgil van Dijk, he proved his worth in just one match. Kim Min-jae, who is 190 cm tall, has a solid physical, build-up ability, speed, and soccer intelligence, and has emerged as the best player in Naples at once.

He still boasts a solid position. He has scored 2 goals this season in 26 matches, including cup competitions. It is no exaggeration to say that Kim Min-jae plays the biggest role in Napoli’s tremendous performance in the league.

As he grew into a high-level player, he could not be free from transfer rumors. Last winter he was strongly associated with Manchester United. It was said that Manchester United, which did not have the resources to use except for Rafael Baran and Lisandro Martinez, would dispose of Harry Maguire and bring in Kim Min-jae. After Kim Min-jae’s buyout was known to be 48 million euros (approximately 64.8 billion won), the transfer rumors gained more power.

Kim Min-jae’s transfer did not take place. However, interest in him is still unending. Accordingly, Napoli is planning to start protecting Kim Min-jae. A number of local media outlets revealed that Napoli is planning to renew the contract and will increase the buyout amount in the process.

A specific amount was also given. Italian media ‘Il Martino’ said, “The buyout clause of 48 million euros will be activated for two weeks from the beginning of July next year. Accordingly, Napoli is trying to raise this clause from 48 million euros to 65 million euros (approximately 87.7 billion won). do,” he said.

That is an increase of more than 20 billion won. Of course, even this amount cannot be reassured. This is because it is not a figure that English Premier League (EPL) clubs with enormous wealth cannot afford to pay.

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