Stealing Kim Ha-seong makes SD fans full… “Free tacos every time you succeed”

There is a factor that will increase the popularity of ‘Awesome Kim’ Ha-seong Kim (28) in San Diego this season.

American media Fox 5 San Diego introduced a special event that San Diego fans can enjoy this season on the 30th (Korean time) one day before the opening of the 2023 major league season.

A popular Mexican restaurant chain in California has decided to serve one free taco per person at all locations in Southern California this season the day after a San Diego player steals a home game. “We’re a company with strong roots in San Diego,” said chain CEO Ralph Rubio온라인바카라. “We’re excited to hand out free tacos to San Diego fans. We’ll be rooting for San Diego from the start.”

Ha-seong Kim was the first to be mentioned as the player who will make San Diego fans full of tacos. Fox 5 San Diego said, “Ha-sung Kim, Manny Machado, Xander Bogatz, and Fernando Tatis Jr. are players to watch,” and said, “Ha-sung Kim and Machado led the team in the 2022 season with 12 and 9 steals, respectively.”

Fan Graph, a US statistics media, predicted through ZiPS, a statistical program, that Kim Ha-seong would record 10 stolen bases this season, but there is a good chance that it will increase further. Unlike last year, when he competed for the starting position, this year, Kim Ha-seong starts as a built-in second baseman. The rules changed from this season will also help Kim Ha-seong steal bases. Pitchers are allowed up to two checks, and if a runner is not put out during the third check, it will be judged as a balk, which puts a lot of pressure on the pitcher. When the minor leagues implemented the rule last year, stolen base attempts increased by 26% over the previous year.

Also, each base, excluding home plate, is wider from 15 inches square to 18 inches square. It is easy to steal bases because it makes the fielder and runners less likely to collide, and at the same time, the range of bases that can be touched by runners is widened.

As the number of stolen bases increases, the popularity of Ha-seong Kim, who is already much loved by San Diego fans, is expected to explode naturally. Ha-seong Kim’s batting performance last year was at the league average level, but his excellent shortstop defense and explosive run base play earned him a lot of love from San Diego teammates and fans. Whenever he appears, Petco Park chant ‘Awesome Kim’. His best friend, Machado, said, “Ha-seong Kim is the core of our team. He makes our hearts beat. Everyone loves him.

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