Suarez, Kelly, Benjamin, Hyeonjong Yang, Brandon, Barnes… Special network boasts, KIA has a ‘personal’ foreigner

Andrew Suarez (former LG), Casey Kelly (LG), Wes Benjamin (KT), Hyunjong Yang (KIA), Brandon Waddell (former Doosan), Charlie Barnes (Lotte) .온라인카지노 All of these are friends of Sean Anderson (29), the new KIA foreign pitcher. When he said he was going to the KBO League, both you and I gave advice and wished our friend a successful life in Korea. 

Anderson signed a contract with the KIA Tigers in November last year for a total of 1 million dollars (about 1.3 billion won). Anderson, a right-handed pitcher from the United States, spent 4 seasons in the major leagues and 6 seasons in the minor leagues before coming to Korea. He is 193 cm tall and has a powerful fast ball, and has a variety of breaking pitches such as slider, two-seam, curve, and changeup. He is a player with strengths in his fast pitching tempo and ability to digest innings.

Anderson, who met at the Kino Sports Complex in Tucson, Arizona, USA on the 18th (Korean time) said, “When I first came to KIA, I was welcomed and I am well accustomed to the team. I hope to have a better time while playing many games in the future.”

Adaptation to Korean food is also smooth. Anderson said, “The level of spiciness of Mexican and Korean food is different. Korean food is also spicy, but it is more tolerable than Mexican food.”

As it turned out, Anderson was the holder of a rich network. In the process of deciding to join the KIA, he contacted numerous friends who had played in the KBO league in the past and asked for advice. Suarez, Kelly, Benjamin, Hyunjong Yang, Brandon, and Barnes are all his friends. Anderson knew exactly where they had played in the past and which team they were on. Anderson also listed 10 KBO league teams individually with ten fingers. 

Anderson said, “I heard a lot of stories from players who played in Korean baseball. When he signed with KIA, it was great to hear that the fans were enthusiastic.” When he said he was impressed with knowing exactly who his friends were on, he replied, “But I still need to know who I play with.” 

KIA ace Yang Hyeon-jong became friendly with the Texas Rangers in 2021 by eating a pot of rice. Anderson said, “At the time, Hyeonjong Yang always wanted to work out with me. And then he became friendly. When he communicated, he had an interpreter, but even so, Hyeonjong Yang answered in English as much as he could. I remember he was proud to understand me,” he smiles.

The goal in the KBO League is to rack up lots of innings and wins. KIA coach Kim Jong-guk also ordered a 300-inning collaboration with Anderson and Adonis Medina. Anderson said, “I want to throw more than 150 innings. He also wants to accumulate a lot of multipliers,” he said. “If I go to 30 games, my goal is to win 30. I want to win unconditionally every time I throw. I want to get on the playoff mound and win the championship.” 

Anderson is upgrading his pitches this camp to achieve his goal. “I know I’m just relying on the slider,” Anderson said. I will make all five pitches the best at camp and prepare to throw them according to the situation.”

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