Suspicion of Kwon Do-hyeong sponsorship Montenegro opposition party expected to win first place in general electionsv

The new centrist party Europe Now Movement , which produced the president in Montenegro’s general elections, is expected to lead the vote. This party is suspected of receiving illegal political funds from Terraform Labs CEO Kwon Do-hyung.

According to foreign media reports such as Reuters on the 11th메이저놀이터 (local time), ‘Europe Now’ is expected to take first place with 26% of the vote in the early general election held that day. In this general election, 15 parties competed for 81 seats, and the turnout was 56.4%.

‘Europe Now’ is a new political party that produced current President Jacob Milatovic in the presidential election last April. Among them, on the 8th, it was revealed that CEO Kwon had a relationship with Milocco Spice, CEO of ‘Europe Now’, since 2018. It also contains information that CEO Kwon sponsored a large amount of political funds to CEO Spichi.

It is known that the letter containing the revelation was sent to Montenegro’s Prime Minister Dritan Abazovic, Justice Minister Marko Kovac, and the Special Prosecutor’s Office.

Regarding the controversy, CEO Spiichi said it was true that he invested in the company in early 2018, the early days of Terraform Labs. However, he denied the allegations that he received political funds. Meanwhile, the Socialist Liberal Democratic Party ( DPS

) , which ranked first with 35.1% of the vote in the previous general election in 2020, was surveyed to take second place with 23%.

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