Take it once and bring it…Tenhah, aiming for a free agent this summer

Director Eric ten Haag is really going to embrace Adrien Rabiot this time.

The British ‘Express’ 토토사이트said on the 15th (Korean time), “Manchester United coach Ten Hag has been keeping an eye on Rabiot since last summer’s transfer market. there is,” he reported.

Rabiot was once spotlighted as one of the best prospects in Europe. He made his professional debut at Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and continued to grow as he became a regular at a young age. He has played for Juventus since the 2019-20 season. Rabiot played more than 30 matches for Juventus and played a key role.

However, his influence on the game gradually waned. Because of his ups and downs, his good days and bad days were clear, and he made many mistakes in ball touch, which often put pressure on the defense. He also got into gossip with his mother because of him. In particular, when France lost at the UEFA Euro 2020, he had an argument with the families of Paul Pogba and Kylian Mbafe.

Even though there was gossip, manager Ten Haag wanted to sign Rabiot. This is the player he chose as the next best option after failing to recruit Frankie the Yong last summer. Although no signings were made last season, coach Ten Hag plans to try again in the coming summer.

Over the course of one season, Rabiot has grown even more. His skills, such as forward dribbling and ball carrying ability, have improved, and his long passing ability, activity level, physical ability, and forward passing have also improved. His offensive points have also increased significantly, to the extent that he recorded 11 goals and 4 assists in 43 games in all competitions this season.

Director Ten Hagh is sending a love call to this appearance. In addition, Rabiot has a contract with Juventus until June 2023, but he has not yet signed a renewal contract and is expected to be released as a free agent. Since there is no transfer fee, Manchester United will be more aggressive in recruiting.

There is a reason why Manchester United actively want to sign a midfielder. This is because the gap between the main players and rotation resources is large. Bruno Fernandes, Christian Eriksen, and Casemiro have solid starting resources, but it is true that Fred, Scott McTominay, and Donny van the Beek, who support them, are regrettable. Coach Ten Hag plans to strengthen the squad by signing Rabiot.

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